Apple’s “Touch Disease”

by Mrphix on January 13, 2017 , Comments Off on Apple’s “Touch Disease”

Many people have been coming in over the past few months complaining about their iPhone 6 Plus touching things without being told to or not touch things at all. This is not an uncommon problem for the iPhone 6 Plus, as Apple has released the “Multi Touch” Repair Program or otherwise known as, “Touch Disease”.

“Touch Disease” or “Multi Touch” refers to issues that iPhone 6 Plus devices tend to display after a drop or stress to the device. Basically what happens is the phone will begin touching or not touching things without you telling it to do so. Thanks to iFixit, a repair website found that this issue is due to faulty chips inside the iPhones, reported CNN.

After Apple recognized this as an issue they began advertising that they would be willing to repair the affected devices for $149, only if your screen is not cracked and the phone is working properly, CNN stated. However, Apple has only agreed to take care of this issue involving the iPhone 6 Plus, not the iPhone 6, even though users have reported problems.

CNN also reported that Apple will be reimbursing people that have already fixed their device through Apple for more than $149. The “Touch Disease” issue has been occurring in both sizes of the iPhone 6, leading to about 22% of repairs in Apple’s stores.

This “Touch Disease” issue has not been a small issue for Apple, as they are facing class action lawsuits in California, Canada and Utah, CNN reported. This obviously is not creating good publicity for Apple even though a lot of buzz has been floating around about the ten year anniversary of the iPhone.

Hopefully, Apple will make a good come back with the next generation of the iPhone. However, those currently struggling with their iPhone 6 Plus will probably not be so forgiving.

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