81-year-old creates new app

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We all know the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, 81 year old Masako Wakamiya is proving that is not the case. Wakamiya just recently created her own iPhone app. According to CNN, Masako Wakamiya felt making this app was necessary after noticing a shortage of “fun” apps for people in her age group.

She stated to CNN, “We easily lose games when playing against young people, since our finger movements can’t match their speed”. Wakamiya, a retired banker reached out to others to create games for the elderly, with no success. Therefore, she decided to do something about it herself.

However, Wakamiya has not always been a technology guru. She first learned how to use computers at age sixty and remembers that they were not as “user friendly” then as they are now. Once she got everything set up, she was ready to go. She joined a “silver club” reported CNN, which focuses on how to use the internet and connect seniors online.

Her new iOS game is based on Hinamatsuri or Doll’s Day, which is a traditional festival in Japan that is celebrated in March. The game displays ornamental dolls that need to be decorated and organized for the festival.

Wakamiya now gives computer lessons and blogs regularly. She also was able to write her own PC textbooks due to the available material being “too boring”, reported CNN. Hinadan was her first app but most likely will not be her last. She stated to CNN, “I have lots of ideas and want to create new apps, but my programming skills are poor. I need more time to develop them”.

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Mrphix81-year-old creates new app

Verizon returns to Unlimited

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Verizon just rolled out exciting news for their customers that have some surprised. Verizon has recently announced the return of the unlimited data package. According to CNN, Verizon customers are now able to get unlimited data, text and talk features for eighty dollars a month.

One feature that Verizon is adding to this plan for now is the 10 GB of mobile hotspot usage. Customers are able to also call and text to friends in family in our neighboring countries, Mexico and Canada. However, the one aspect that everyone seems the most excited for is the unlimited HD video streaming.

This is quite the step up for cell phone carriers, especially after many customers criticized T-Mobile for lowering video quality for a few of its unlimited data customers, reported CNN. However, not everything is perfect. Verizon has stated that while it promises quick LTE speeds, customers using more then 22 GB of data during any one billing cycle might be left behind. Verizon stated, according to CNN, that it “may prioritize usage behind other customers in the event of network congestion”. Which, for the most part, has become a relatively standard practice across companies that offer unlimited data packages and plans.

Verizon first did away with the unlimited data plan back in 2011 but last summer attempted to “test the waters” on reintroducing the plan. Last summer, Verizon rolled out a new plan called “Safety Mode”, which basically provides customers with unlimited data, but once the user goes over a certain limit, their data goes incredibly slow.

AT&T recently also rid customers of overage fees but has yet to introduce unlimited data plans for just wireless customers. They do offer unlimited data plans, but the customer must be a AT&T wireless customers as well as either DirecTV or U-Verse TV users as well to qualify, reported CNN.

It will be interesting to see for sure how the return of the unlimited data plans fare with the public. My thought, I am sure that most will go crazy for it and we will have to keep an eye open for other networks to follow in Verizon’s footsteps.

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MrphixVerizon returns to Unlimited

MyStarbucks Barista

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Starbucks is revamping how customers can use their app. A new feature called MyStarbucks Barista allows customers to place their orders by simply saying “I want a latte”. Not only can you order your morning cup of Joe this way but you can also pay for it as well, grab your cup and keep rolling with your day.

This new feature offered on the Starbucks app was announced on Monday, according to CNN. For now, MyStarbucks Barista is only available to 1,000 people across the globe when it comes out this summer for iOS devices. However, don’t worry Android users, a version of MyStarbucks Barista will be heading your way after the release of the iOS version, CNN reported.

However, Starbucks isn’t stopping there. They are also rolling out a new voice-ordering tool for Amazon’s Alexa. In order to get your caffeine fill all you have to do is say “Alexa, order my Starbucks” and it will place your order for you via the Starbucks app.

The hope of this new feature is to reduce the number of people waiting in line to pick up their coffee, which the app was original making a bigger problem, which of course discourages people from using it. However, the company hopes more people will be interested in the app with the introduction of the MyStarbucks Barista feature.

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MrphixMyStarbucks Barista

The rise of the “S8”

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Everyone has been all abuzz about Samsung’s latest smartphone, the S8 even though the latest Note 7 issue has many apprehensive to trust Samsung again. However, according to Forbes, this new cell phone is going to be to die for.

So far it appears that Samsung is doing away with the home button feature as Apple has done in similar nature with the iPhone 7. The only difference is that Apple actually has a home button but it does not “click” like your typical home button does. Samsung however, seems to be doing away with the whole idea all together.

Also, the top and bottom boarders are drastically thinner than that of typical Samsung smartphones. This allows for obviously, much more screen space than before, reported Business Insider.

With all this talk about the latest and greatest Samsung device, it’s no doubt that people are getting excited about what’s to come. However, these designs and features are all based on rumors and supposed leaks from a source. So, in short, this might be the tip of the iceberg. No one will truly know what Samsung has in store for us this year until February, when Samsung officially announces the new phone.

After the Note 7, Samsung really needs to hit a home run with this new smartphone. People, reasonably so, were quite upset when they had to return their brand new Note 7, or it caught on fire. Hopefully, this time around, Samsung will make a smartphone for the books instead of for the trash can.

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MrphixThe rise of the “S8”

Nintendo makes a big “Switch”

by Mrphix on January 14, 2017 , Comments Off on Nintendo makes a big “Switch”

Nintendo is attempting to make a huge turn around after having their stock drop about 5.75%. What is the key to bring Nintendo back to life?  A new game console called the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch, Nintendo’s latest and greatest game console is considered to be a hybrid console. According to Business Insider a “hybrid” console means that you can play in on a television or take it with you out and about, what ever suits your needs.

Nintendo fans, of course, are curious about what this new console has to offer. One feature that the Switch will bringing to the table. Here is basically, how the system works…

The Switch can be used as either a remote control and console or it can be used as a hand held tablet for gaming. The system costs about $299, before taxes, reported Business Insider, but also comes in two different bundles. One bundle features a blue and red Joy-Con, which is one of the main parts of the system. You may also purchase a bundle with traditional gray Joy-Con.

The system comes with a “Joy-Con Grip” and also a Nintendo Switch Dock. What makes this gaming system different is its ability to adapt to your needs. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con bits can detach themselves from the “Joy-Con Grip” and connect to the Switch tablet, for on the go game play.


The “Joy-Con Grip” is used for more traditional game play but can also be transformed into a more mobile gaming system, providing the best of both worlds to those who love one or the other.

Another benefit to the Nintendo Switch? The parts inside each package or bundle can be purchased separately. For example, if you need another Joy-Con you can absolutely buy it, according to Business Insider. For further information on individual purchasing, check out Nintendo’s website, as they break it all down for their consumers.

Many are excited that Nintendo is returning to a more traditional gaming style, especially after the Wii and Wii U. The “Joy-Con Grip” is designed very similarly to that of other gaming systems with two analog sticks and the traditional four buttons on each side, Business Insider explained. The controller also features shoulder buttons and triggers, much like other “traditional” gaming consoles.

However, if you are not a fan of the Switch set up, you can purchase a controller much like that of other game consoles. The controller looks incredibly similar to Nintendo’s GameCube. The bad news is that this controller does not come with the system, it is sold separately for about $70 dollars.

Nintendo presented the device to the public a few days ago and made sure to demonstrate how the system can last up to 6 ½ hours when removed from the dock. For now, Nintendo is releasing only red and blue Joy-Cons outside of the typical gray color.


However, one feature I think is going to really impress frequent gamers is the “share” feature that the Switch offers. This button allows the user to capture screenshots of game play and also record video that can be shared with others, which tend to be a pretty popular activity. You can share your photos and videos directly from the Switch to social media. Business Insider reported, that it is uncertain if the console can also stream games live like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Some of the games you can expect to see available for the Switch include a new Mario Kart game, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, FIFA soccer, “Super Mario Odyssey”, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Sonic Mania”, reported Forbes.

Make sure you stay tuned for this console that is set to be released on March 3th, 2017. So, far I have found that a lot of people are pretty excited about and hopefully, Nintendo won’t disappoint.

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MrphixNintendo makes a big “Switch”

Apple’s “Touch Disease”

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Many people have been coming in over the past few months complaining about their iPhone 6 Plus touching things without being told to or not touch things at all. This is not an uncommon problem for the iPhone 6 Plus, as Apple has released the “Multi Touch” Repair Program or otherwise known as, “Touch Disease”.

“Touch Disease” or “Multi Touch” refers to issues that iPhone 6 Plus devices tend to display after a drop or stress to the device. Basically what happens is the phone will begin touching or not touching things without you telling it to do so. Thanks to iFixit, a repair website found that this issue is due to faulty chips inside the iPhones, reported CNN.

After Apple recognized this as an issue they began advertising that they would be willing to repair the affected devices for $149, only if your screen is not cracked and the phone is working properly, CNN stated. However, Apple has only agreed to take care of this issue involving the iPhone 6 Plus, not the iPhone 6, even though users have reported problems.

CNN also reported that Apple will be reimbursing people that have already fixed their device through Apple for more than $149. The “Touch Disease” issue has been occurring in both sizes of the iPhone 6, leading to about 22% of repairs in Apple’s stores.

This “Touch Disease” issue has not been a small issue for Apple, as they are facing class action lawsuits in California, Canada and Utah, CNN reported. This obviously is not creating good publicity for Apple even though a lot of buzz has been floating around about the ten year anniversary of the iPhone.

Hopefully, Apple will make a good come back with the next generation of the iPhone. However, those currently struggling with their iPhone 6 Plus will probably not be so forgiving.

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MrphixApple’s “Touch Disease”

Nokia is making a Comeback

by Mrphix on January 11, 2017 , Comments Off on Nokia is making a Comeback

Does anyone remember the days before the iPhone? Does anyone remember what it was like without smartphones? It seems like forever ago that we all owned flip phones or thought that any cell phone with a keyboard was the coolest thing. Now, most people own smartphones and are waiting every year to see what new gadget they can get their hands on.

Well, Nokia is providing a blast from the past. Nokia is trying to make a come back after falling down the ranks with the release of the iPhone in 2007. In order to compete with the big phone companies of the time, Nokia is releasing a new smartphone in China, potentially one of the biggest and most competitive markets for these devices, wrote CNN.

According to CNN, Nokia’s first smartphone for Android was unveiled at the CES tech show in Las Vegas over the weekend. This new phone is called the Nokia 6 and will be sold in China only.

Nokia once was one of the top phone companies in the world. In the 1990s it seemed like everyone was walking around with a Nokia phone. Ever since the rise of the iPhone, Nokia has struggled to compete with the continued innovation and changes made in the phone industry.

By releasing this new phone, Nokia is desperately trying to get back into the cell phone game. Nokia is attempting to do this by licensing out the use of the brand to another Finnish company named HMD Global, reported CNN.

This could be potentially a very bold move on Nokia’s part, given the specific market they are choosing to enter. Apple and Samsung are known world wide for dominating the cell phone world making it challenging for another company to break into the scene.

Nokia has one important advantage though compared to certain companies. Nokia has a history with phones and was once incredibly popular. This history makes them recognizable and many people claim to recognize Nokia right away. The question is, will this enough for Nokia to sell phones?

Time will only tell us if this new smartphone will be a success. Hopefully, if this phone is successful in China, Nokia can then explore other markets and opportunities. It’s one thing to have a great product, but another all together to get people to purchase it. Nokia will have quite a fight on their hands this year because we all know Apple and Samsung will not give up customers with ease.

For further reading, check out this article


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MrphixNokia is making a Comeback

Thinking Apple TV

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When you ask me about cable I honestly cannot tell you much about it other than it can get pretty expensive to have all the channels you and your family like to watch. Personally, I don’t rely on cable for my entertainment but Netflix instead.

I like it because of how easy it is to find shows or movies you like at a much cheaper cost than the normal cable provider. I can pick what I want to watch and I can also watch more than one a day if I want to. Nothing is worse than getting really into a show and having to wait a whole week before the next episode. With Netflix, you can see what happens next anytime you want to.

Outside of Netflix and other entertainment applications like Hulu are other versions of what we know as cable television. Apple TV is one of the newer features being offered. However, it works a lot differently than your everyday cable.

If you head to www.apple.com/apple-tv/ you’ll find a sleek and interesting new way to engage in the world of entertainment. Apple TV offers you all of the channels you enjoy in a more customizable way.  You can still watch live sports and the news channels you like, without having to buy the channels you won’t watch.

In order to use this service, you must first buy the “box” and remote that Apple TV requires. What’s nice about these? They’re simple and small. So, instead of having a bulky remote with a bunch of buttons you have no idea what they do, you have a simple, easy t o use remote with endless possibilities. The  “box” itself is also compact, making it look less tacky and in your face than your everyday cable box. Here is a picture of what it looks like.




What really makes Apple TV stand out though is t he way it brings TV into your living room. You have the power to choose, and by choose I mean you can pick exactly what you watch. The whole system relies on apps to function. You can download apps like Hulu, HBO Now, ESPN and even iTunes to watch what you are looking for, without having to pay for those pesky cable packages. According to Apple’s website, you have over 1600 choices in video apps.

You also are able to watch all of the TV shows and movies you have purchased on iTunes. Siri also works for Apple TV and you can tell her specifically what you’d like. She’ll make it happen. You can tell Siri, “I want to watch The Blacklist” and just like that Siri will bring you right there. Not only can she do that, but she can bring up the music you’d like to listen to as well.

The cost of the box and remote are a one time expense starting at $149 according to Apple’s website. The applications can vary in price. Some have a nominal monthly fee for the ability to access the certain channel you are interested in. For example, according to Apple the Hulu app requires a monthly fee.

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MrphixThinking Apple TV

Locking your Notes

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Apple makes some of the most popular devices out there, but so few people know exactly how much you can do with them. For example, iPads and iPhones allow you to password protect your notes, so that only you (or those with the correct password) may access them.

Here is exactly how you do it…

Step 1. Open the “Settings” on your device.

Step 2. Scroll down and select “Notes“.


Step 3. Tap on the “Password” option.


Step 4. Enter your New Password into the top password field, then type it again in the “Verify” field. Finally, type in a hint so you are sure to remember the password. Then, if you have a device that supports Touch ID you can select whether or not you would like to be able to lock and unlock your notes with your fingerprint “Touch ID”. By default, this option is turned on, to turn it off, simply slide the slider to the left. When you are finished press “Done” at the top to complete the setup.


This is an important feature if you have sensitive or personal information stored in your notes. This can make it a lot more challenging for someone to access them without your permission. By adding a password to your notes you are adding an extra layer of privacy and protection to your device.

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MrphixLocking your Notes

Yay or Nay to the New Macbook?

by Mrphix on January 4, 2017 , Comments Off on Yay or Nay to the New Macbook?

It’s no secret that Apple produces some of the most popular laptops in the world, along with other devices such as the iPhone and iPad. However, it is practically unheard of for someone to not be in favor of one of Apple’s new products, but trust me it does happen.

According to CNN, Consumer Reports stated that they would not recommend Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro. Why you ask? Consumer Reports stated their reasoning was lack of battery life in the devices. Which, isn’t all that much of a surprise, this tends to be a common issue people have with Apple’s MacBooks.

Consumers have been complaining about this issue long before now. Forbes reported that overall it appeared consumers were not very impressed with this new MacBook model. Forbes stated in their article, “What Consumer Report’s intervention will do is set consumer perceptions of Apple in 2016 as a company that has problems with batteries. It carries far more weight than a thread in the Apple support forums or comments on Reddit”.

However, the new MacBooks do offer some new, interesting features. Apple’s website states that this new device has up to 67% brighter display than MacBooks prior. It also claims that the device is 17% thinner and has up to 130% faster graphics.

It comes in a 13 inch model and also a 15 inch model. Along side those features, is probably one of the coolest features introduced in this model, the Touch Bar and Touch ID. Instead of have function keys at the top of your keyboard, you now have a Touch Bar to replace them. It has the ability to change automatically depending on what you are doing along with also having typing features included.

The features of the new Touch Bar are actually very cool, but I have the tendency to question the Touch Bar’s actual functionality. A review of the device by Wired states, “After using it, poking and prodding it, and plugging things into it, I have one word of advice. Wait”.  David Pierce, the author of Wired’s review explained that the new Touch Bar did not strike him as “revolutionary”.

The review raves about the Touch Bar’s quick, responsive function and the usefulness of the Touch ID feature to log in or make purchases, but Wired states that the feature seems “unfinished”. The reasoning is that the Touch Bar is there to make your everyday, repetitive tasks easier, such as brightening the screen or pausing music. However, the Touch Bar has all of those functions crammed into one, small place. The Touch Bar has a tiny left arrow that has to be tapped in order to do anything other than mute, change the volume or brighten the screen. This is not rubbing people the right way because before this feature, all you had to do was click a button.

Now, I understand that these issues are pretty minor, especially when you are looking at a fancy new MacBook, full of new features. But, the cons to the device might cause issues for some other people. Pierce states in his review his dislike for the MacBook’s new ports, while others might not mind them.

Overall, it sounds like this new MacBook is not as great as it looks. Of course, it is still a good machine but from what I have found, it probably will continue to get better as time passes. MacBooks have been great to some and not so nice to others. I personally have one that has given me a lot of trouble, but my mother had one that lasted her for eight years. Personally, I would wait before jumping to the new latest and greatest computer.

If you are interested in purchasing this device, or any device for that matter, do your homework first. Read reviews, learn about all of the features and of course, weigh the pros and the cons before making a choice. There are a lot of great computers out there but it truly does depend on what you are using it for. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they love Apple products and another person tells me they will never buy something made by Apple. It really does come down to a matter of opinion and personal preference.

If you are interested in reading further about this topic, here are the sources I used.





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MrphixYay or Nay to the New Macbook?

Just to say Thank You

by Mrphix on January 4, 2017 , Comments Off on Just to say Thank You

On behalf of everyone here at Mr.Phix, we would like to thank those that have supported us as we have grown over this past year and beyond. We understand that our business would not be as successful as it is today without your support and feedback.

It’s a new year and Mr.Phix has made its own New Year’s resolution; show our appreciation to those that have helped us make this dream a reality. Mr.Phix, is excited to announce that we will be offering monthly contests and sweepstakes to our customers as a way to say thank you for standing by Mr.Phix over the years.

Mr.Phix may be a company that is in business for profit but we care about the people that come into our shop. We know that you can go many different places to have your phone or computer repaired, but you choose to visit us instead. We love seeing the positive feedback from all of you and watching you leave stores happy. We truly appreciate the support and we really want to give back to you.

In order to do this, we have decided to offer these contests. A way for us to give back to you, the people that allow this company to open its doors everyday.

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MrphixJust to say Thank You

Amazon Echo or Murder Investigator?

by Mrphix on December 30, 2016 , Comments Off on Amazon Echo or Murder Investigator?

You better watch out what you say to your devices, they might be able to put you behind bars. In Arkansas, a man by the name of James Bates, might be facing time in prison if his Amazon Echo holds information in regards to why a man was found dead in his hot tub.

Crazy to think that a device could potentially hold evidence to a high stakes murder case. However, Amazon is not handing over the information with ease. This brings us back to the continued argument over American privacy and needed information for investigations.

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that is activated by the sound of her name, Alexa. The Echo has the ability to play music, read you the news and connect to other devices that you own. However, she is always listening for her name, so she can properly respond to your request.

Amazon has those recordings stored away and prosecutors believe that Bates’ Echo may hold key evidence in regards to the murder investigation. However, many are stating that this is violation of Bates’ privacy, thus Amazon is withholding the recordings until further legal action is taken.

This isn’t the first time that devices have been used against their owners. The 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, California revolved around Apple when the FBI was seeking information from the shooter’s cell phone. Another case in Georgia, required prosecutors seek information from texts, Reddit posts and Google searches, reported CNN.

This brings to question if anything is really private anymore? We use all kinds of devices that carry important personal information. According to CNN’s article, many claim that devices such as the Echo, Google Home or Siri should have different rules and regulations when it comes to personal privacy. However, other sources claim that requesting a device to do something is no different than typing something into your web browser.

The prosecutor involved with the case has attempted to obtain the information from the Echo two separate times but has been declined for both requests. While those involved with the case are still pressing the subject, Amazon claims it will not budge until further notice.

All the way around this raises eyebrows in regards to customer privacy and what can be collected by the devices we use. CNN even reported that The Electronic Privacy Information has voiced concerns about “always on” devices. As time goes on, we will have to seek solutions to these changes in technology. What is a violation of privacy and what is not?

For further reading, here is my source…




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MrphixAmazon Echo or Murder Investigator?

Technology of the Future

by Mrphix on December 29, 2016 , Comments Off on Technology of the Future

Technology has absolutely come a long way. We have moved from one thing to the next so quickly, it seems like every time you turn around something new is coming out. The first cell phone was released back in April of 1973 by Martin Cooper, a researcher for Motorola. However, since then computers, phones and devices of all kinds have completely changed in what they are able to do.

Forbes released an article yesterday talking about just that, how advanced technology has become. However, instead of predicting what would be a hit in ten or twenty years, they discussed what is potentially heading our way in five years. Here are some of the things Forbes feels you should look for in the coming years.

One thing Forbes talks about is driverless cars. Lately that has been all over the news. For example, Uber is paving the way in this latest transportation technology. According to an article on USA Today, this company has moved it’s testing for driverless cars to Arizona, due to restrictions in California. Along with Uber, Honda and Alphabet are looking to potentially partner in the experimentation and modeling of self-driving cars, reported The Wall Street Journal. Self-driving cars, much like electric vehicles, will change how we travel and maintain the health of our cars.

Forbes’ article also mentions the take off virtual reality in the coming years. We have already started to see this become increasingly popular with the release of VR headsets, made by various companies such as Samsung, Sony and Google, just to name a few. Virtual reality has a lot of potential to be used by business, sports and many industries to make more money in a new and innovative fashion. In short, this new technology has the ability to completely change everything we know today. We might not shop, play, or work in the way we did before.

Automation, is also mentioned in Forbes’ article. Similar to self-driving cars, the continued advancement of automation can change how we interact and work in the future. Many suspect that as automation changes and develops further that it will be more equip to handle more challenging tasks that are less repetitive, such as operating a moving car.

Another technology that Forbes’ raves about is the Internet of Things, also known as IoT. For those that don’t know, The Internet of Things is basically a system of connected computing devices that have the ability to transfer data over a network without human to human or human to computer intercommunication. An example of this would be Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, which allows you to connect to other devices in your home. You can ask them to do something simple such as turning on a light or something more specific like putting YouTube on your TV. Alexa is actually a device we use in our shop and she is able to stream music or search things for you, all by voice technology. There is no telling what else you will be able to do with that technology by 2022.

I have no doubts that technology will only continue to change and evolve as time goes on. Before we know it nothing will be done the way it is done today. If you are interested in reading further about these advancements or the news regarding anything mentioned in this post, I have linked the sources I used below.







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MrphixTechnology of the Future

Travel Apps for You

by Mrphix on December 28, 2016 , Comments Off on Travel Apps for You

Business Insider is one of the sources I use for all things technology based. I stumbled across one article that I thought was particularly interesting about some the best apps out there for your travel needs. Here are some of the ones I thought were the most useful.

1.     Airbnb

Airbnb is a very cool app in the sense that it can save you a lot of money for housing while you travel. How it works is you find a house, apartment or room for rent but the difference is that they are posted by everyday people like you and me, not big companies or hotels. It could be a whole house or maybe just a room, but the users post whatever they have available such as an empty room and offer them out to travelers, rather than having to stay in a hotel. You can find locations all over at varying costs per night.

The majority of the Airbnb rates are set by those that offer the accommodations and normally, depending on the location, the rates are cheaper or comparable to that of hotel rates. It also, in my opinion, feels a little more “homie” than that of your typical hotel room.

2.     BringFido

BringFido is an app for all of those out there who love their four legged friend. What this app does is it helps you find all the best places for your dog such as pet friendly hotels, beaches or restaurants. It basically makes it so you almost never have to be away from your furry pal. It also provides you with information as to where you can find pet supply shops and veterinarian services while you are on the go.

I have never personally used this app, but it sounds incredibly cool. I am absolutely going to look into this for my dog.

3. Flush Toilet Finder

It might sound funny but it is a pretty useful app. We have all been in that “we aren’t sure we’ll make it” situation and this helps rid you of that, no matter where you go. This app will tell you no matter where you are or how far you go, a restroom is within reach. It has a database of up to 100,000 bathrooms across the globe. This app is free for both Android and iOS users. You also are able to filter bathrooms near you based on if they have a fee for usage, a key or have disabled access.

This app is super useful, especially for the moms out there. We have all been in that situation when they didn’t need to go but five minutes later is a different story. This will help out in those situations for sure. Not to mention, it can be challenging to find a restroom when you aren’t familiar with the area. But, this now a problem of the past thanks to this nifty app.

4.  Cities Talking

This is another one of those apps that could save you money and make your travel experience unforgettable. What this app does is it has guided tours of all of the world’s most popular cities to visit. These tours are walking tours that provide voice overs by various artists. For example, Business Insider reported that the London tour has a voice over by Christopher Biggins. You have the ability to rewind, pause or fast forward the tour if you’d like as well. One of the best features is that you can skip over certain parts if you would like to bypass that tourist attraction. You can also take notes as you go if you learn something interesting or want to remember something about that attraction.

I think that this app would save you a lot of money on a trip for sight seeing. Obviously, you can always pay for a guided tour, but with this you can see the sights at your own pace rather than travel with a tour group. It uses GPS technology to run the guide when you reach the next place on the tour. However, wifi and data are not required so you can venture on your own as well. Cities Talking is also a free app for Android and iOS devices.

5. Foodspotting

For all of you foodies out there, this app is more than just reading a menu. It’s basically a visual guide to food in various restaurants all over the world. Launched in 2010, Foodspotting lets you read reviews and see recommended dishes for restaurants all over the globe. It also allows you to search based on the food you have in mind, such as pizza or sushi. You can also search for what is good to eat at certain restaurants, making it easier to chose what your want to eat or maybe what you don’t want.

This app could potentially be useful if you are in an area you have never been to and you are looking for a place to eat. It’s never fun blindly guessing what’s good to eat in different places, especially if you are kind of picky like I am. It also might help if you have a food allergy. Users could include information about foods offered for those with food allergies, making it easier to find places to eat in some situations.

No matter where you go or how far you go these apps can make traveling more about the experience and less about the stress that sometimes can come along with it. The original Business Insider article included several other apps that are good for travelers. If you are interested in check it out, here is the link to the article: http://www.businessinsider.com/best-travel-apps-2016-12/#accuweather-1.

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MrphixTravel Apps for You

10 Must Have iPhone Apps

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10 Must Have iPhone Apps

Our techs at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, bring you these 10 must have iPhone apps you need to download today. Let’s face it, Apps make our lives so much easier. Truth is that it is hard to imagine how we lived so long without them (and our smartphones)

While there are millions of applications you can download, some of them are more useful and needed than others. This is even more applicable now that many apps use up so much resources on your phone. Choosing the right apps can make your phone run smoother without having it lag or slowed down.



1 – Sleep Cycle


The Sleep Cycle app can do wonders for your sleeping and waking patters. This app, which is also an alarm clock, keeps track of your sleep patterns. It then uses them to wake you during light sleep stages. Waking up during light sleep is the best since it allows you to wake up easier and quicker as opposed to waking up from a deep sleep or dream state. Sleep cycle alarm clock can end up improving your productivity, punctuality and overall sleep.

2 – Waze

Waze Traffic & Navigation App

If you drive then Waze is for you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are constantly on the road or just for a short trip, Waze can help you. Unlike other apps which only have maps, this app knows how fast you are driving and ends up redirecting you around traffic. Waze will also let you know when there’s been an accident up ahead, red-light cameras, construction and even police.

3 – BillGuard

BillGuard App - Mr Phix

Think of the BillGuard app as a person who will go over your credit card statements with a fine-tooth comb without charging you for their services. The app will immediately alert you if there are any unwanted or questionable charges. Best of all, BillGuard makes it easy to go over your finances. Any charges for services or products you may not have known you were being charged for or requested, BillGuard will flag it and alert you.

4 – Uber

Uber App - Mr Phix

Even if you own a vehicle, sooner or later you will need a cab. The Uber app can make getting a ride very easy. Many people often do not see cabs when they need one. However, with the Uber app that is not a problem since they will come to you and pick you up. anywhere you choose. Best of all, in most cases you will end up getting a better deal than a regular taxi. Still, during high demand season or holidays, prices will surge significantly so you should be aware as they can go up as much as ten times the regular going rates.

5 – Pocket

The Pocket App for iPhone - Mr Phix

With so much to read on the Interenet these days, most of us never have enough time to do so. The Pocket App allows you to store the articles you might find interesting during the day and save them for reading later. Best of all, Pocket will save all of your articles. videos, events or other interesting news so you can access them without having to be online or even a cell signal.

6 – Dropbox

Dropbox App - Mr Phix

If you are on the go and you need to bring your files with you, then Dropbox is the app you need. You can add files to your favs which allows off-line and fast viewing of them later on. You can also easily upload videos and photos to Dropbox and then share them freely with family and friends. Dropbox also lets you easily move your files from your phone to your computer or other devices quickly and easily.

7 – Swiftkey

The Swiftkey Writing Application - Mr Phix

For those that are constantly texting or writing, the Swiftkey app is for you. The Swiftkey keyboard adapts to your unique tapping style as you use it, memorizes and learns how you type. By doing so, the app helps you make less typos and allows you to type and text much faster than a traditional keyboard.

8 – 1Password

1Password App for iPhone - Mr Phix

Let’s be honest, all of us have forgotten at least one password at one time or another. With the 1Password app, that can all change. These days where online security matters so much, the yourname123 passwords are no longer an option. This means that you need stronger passwords for all of your accounts. Still, creating stronger passwords means you are more likely to forget them. 1Password creates these stronger passwords and remembers them for you.

9 – Genius Scan

Must Have Apps - Genuis Scan

We all remember how bulky scanners used to be. However, with the Genius Scan app, that is no longer true since your phone can now be a scanner. This app allows you to scan documents and exports them back in either PDF of JPEG files. Keep in mind though that you cannot really scan everything unless you purchase the complete app for $7.00. Still, if you need to scan many files then the Genius Scan app is worth it.

10 – Spotify or Rdio

Spotify or Radio Must Have Apps

Here are 2 of the best apps for music lovers who want to take advantage of streaming services. Spotify or Rdio allow you to access your friends lists of music they are listening to so you can discover new music. You also have a radio option as well as smart stations. If you are going on a long trip then you can download a few gigs of music via WiFi and save them. This way you can listen to them later on without being charged by your phone company.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the 10 must have iPhone apps. While you do not need to have all of them on your phone, every user should download at least one of them. This all varies of course depending on your needs. Remember, if you have any problems with your cell phone screens such as a cracked or damaged one, Mr Phix can replace it in 20 minutes or less. Our repair stores have the highest ratings from users of any other in the Wilmington, NC area because we do it right.

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Mrphix10 Must Have iPhone Apps

Got Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

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Got Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

If you have a tablet, computer. laptop or mobile device with any problems or issues then you should bring it or you can even ship it to Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone or Samsung cell phone’s screen is smashed, trashed or shattered or if your computer has a virus, you need data recovery or other PC problems. Once one of the professional technicians in any of Mr Phix stores gets their hands on your device, they will be returned back to you in pristine, like new conditions. In the event that you cannot bring your devices to one of our stores, you can ship it and we will send it back to you the same day when possible.


When Screens Break!

You know how easy it is for your kids or someone to drop or hit your iPad or tablet. In an instant, your precious device’s screen is broken or cracked. To most people this may seem like the end of the tablet or device. However, Mr phix can do their magic and in many cases have your gadget repaired in less than 20 minutes. That’s not the best of all though. The best thing out of having your mobile or tablet repaired by us is that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all the work done. That’s right; a lifetime guaranteed. No other store can dare make such an offer. However, Mr Phix does.

You may also want to read Why You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

Why Lifetime Guarantee?

There are numerous reasons as to why we do so. One, Mr phix uses the highest quality parts in all of the repairs they perform. This means that rather than replace your cracked screen with a cheap screen replacement which will eventually get damaged again, Mr Phix uses the highest name brands replacement parts. These are the same replacement parts that Apple and Samsung use themselves.

Second, Mr phix and their team of expert techs know what it means to have your screen broken or cracked or have a device with a problem. They understand how important your gadgets are to you since they contain important banking information, files, videos and other valuable data. We will make sure that all that data is never compromised, lost or damaged during our repairs.

Your Device Matters To Mr Phix

Lastly, Mr phix wants to give each and every customer a piece of mind once they leave our stores. Even if it means taking a loss or not making that much profit if something ever goes wrong. Our customers satisfaction is paramount to us. Thus the reasons why Mr Phix offers such a great guarantee on all the work done. Perhaps you have trouble with your computer or laptop too due a virus or something else. Whatever the reason, we can repair them as well since we have more than fifteen years in the repair business.
So remember, if you got gadget issues, Mr Phix will fix it… and guarantee it for life!

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MrphixGot Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

10 Awesome Phone Accessories You Must Have

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Mobile phones have taken over most of our lives these days since it seems many of us cannot go an hour, much less a day without using ours. These 10 awesome phone accessories you must have put together by our Mr Phix Tech team will make using your phone that much more fun, easier and cooler. If you should ever break or crack your phone or tablet screen, remember, Mr Phix can replace it for you in about 20 minutes with a lifetime guarantee on all work done.
USB Brando Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard - Mr Phix

USB Brando Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Made from high quality silicone material, the flexible Bluetooh mini keyboard is an awesome accessory to have for your iPhone or iPad. If you text or write a lot on your devices (who doesn’t?) then this mini keyboard will give your eyes, fingers and wrists relief. Both dust proof and water resistant, you can take this anywhere and best of all it is silent and easy to clean. The bendable mini keyboard will also work on your PC or laptop.

Mr Phix - Official Samsung Charging Desktop Dock
Samsung Charging Desktop Dock

For those that want a cool nighstand dock for their Samsung phone, then this charging desktop dock is a must have. This official Samsung accessory can be folded into a compact small box and plugs into a wall charger via a micro USB cable. If that wasn’t enough to make you want this cool accessory then it also comes with a speaker line out port in the back so you can use it as an entertainment stand as well.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit

For those that love taking photos and want an extra added Whoomph to their mobile device then the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit will give them that. With a 10x or 15x macro lens, the fish eye and wide lenses give your phone’s camera more power. Best of all, Olloclip has an app which lets you counter distortion or other issues quickly and easily.


Mr Phix - Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker


Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker

For those iPhone users looking for an MP3 player speaker system extension for their device, the
Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker entertainment system is an easy choice. Available in different colors, this digital speaker system’s awesome sound will liven up your room instantly. Armed with 60 watts of power, wireless remote control and 1-inch tweeters, the Altec Lansing packs a punch. It also charges your iPhone or iPod while docked.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive - Mr Phix
SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive

Many Samsung users were upset over the S6 not havng a MicroSD card slot like their predecessors which is what separated the S5 and S4 from the the iPhone. However, with the SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive, you can have an option for more storage. Able to plug in directly into your Samsung Galaxy S6’s micro USB port, this baby is great for file transfers and backing up your device.

Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones

Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones

Finally, here is a headset all iPhone and iPod users have been waiting for. The Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones have an advanced 3-button mic and remote system for full control of your Apple devices. This headset is designed with an echo cancellation feature which allows users to hear conversations crystal clear.

iPhone Mobile Cinema i20 DLP Pico Projector

iPhone Mobile Cinema i20 DLP Pico Projector

For those that want to watch movies, TV shows or sports events on their iPhone but find the screen too small, then the Mobile Cinema i20 DLP Pico Projector is the solution. This baby packs a clear and crisp picture with wide-screen resolution of Q-1080P. It can also project images all the way up to 50 inches.
The i20 comes with a build in rechargeable battery which can also charge your iPhone battery as well. Best of all, the i20 also works with Apple iPads.

Mr Phix - Ventev Powerdash Car Charger and Battery

Ventev Powerdash Car Charger and Battery

Most of us have car charges of some sort. However, the Ventev Powerdash Car Charger and Battery is a pretty clever accessory to have for charging your Samsung devices. The Ventev comes with a wee 900mAH battery in it which means you can take it with you and use it outside of your vehicle. And since it also comes with a micro USA input, you can charge it via cable or regular charger as well.

 Invisible shield from Zagg - Mr Phix

Invisible shield from Zagg

One of most dreaded things that can happen to your mobile device is scratching or damaging its screen. Furthermore, it can really be expensive to repair. The Zagg invisible shield for your iPhone is something everyone should have on their device. The Zagg patented film which uses nano-memory technology will protect and shield your device from scratches and other damages.

Rokform Case and Bike Mount

For those bikers out there who want to take their Samsung device with them while having their hands free, then the Rokform Case and Bike Mount is for you. It fits any bicycle which uses 1-1/8 inch thread-less steer tubes and it is also very lightweight. Best of all, if you pair it with a Crystal v3 case, you can end up having a magnetic mount which you can then stick on your car dash or anywhere you may want to place your Samsung Galaxy device.
We hope you have enjoyed these 10 awesome phone accessories you must have. Remember that Mr Phix has several locations in the Wilmington, NC area and we are the highest rated repair shops as well.


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Mrphix10 Awesome Phone Accessories You Must Have

iPhone Screen Repair in Wilmington, NC – Mr Phix

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Mr Phix iPhone Screen Repair - Wilmington NC

If you are looking for iPhone screen repair in Wilmington, NC then Mr Phix is the place you want to go to. They also fix cracked or shattered Samsung, iPads and many other devices. There are many shops presently offering screen repair services in the Wilmington, NC area. However, the majority of these repair stores often end up causing more harm than solutions. Unlike Mr Phix, they use low quality replacement parts to make a bigger profit. Furthermore, these other places take hours and sometimes days to replace your screen. That is not the case when you come to visit any of one of our locations. In most cases, we will have your phone ready for you like new in 20 minutes. Best of all, Mr Phix gives you a lifetime guarantee on any screens they replace. No one in their right mind would ever, ever offer any guarantee on screens, let alone a lifetime one. Nevertheless, Mr Phix does simply because they want their customers to have peace of mind and to know we stand by our work. We know that if done correctly, your broken or shattered screen will be replaced and end up like new again. Plus, we want to keep every client happy and make sure they will come back again and again. We cut no corners when it comes to using the best available parts to restore the damaged ones. In the words of Ted Glackin, the founder of Mr Phix “We are in business for a profit … but we will take a loss to keep a customer satisfied”

Why Mr Phix in Wilmington, NC?

Of course there are hundreds of places offering similar services to customers with broken, cracked or damaged phone screens. So why Mr Phix in Wilmington, NC? For one, Mr Phix has the highest rated customer satisfaction record of any stores in the area. Customer upon customer ends up giving 5 star reviews for the work they received from us because we make sure their problems are solved to 100% satisfaction. Every expert technician in our repair shops will go out of his or her way to ensure that your device is just like it was before the problem occurred. Don’t make the mistakes others make when they go to other unreliable repair stores whose staff does not have the knowledge to really fix your phone or device. Sometimes they end up destroying your device for ever causing you to lose all your information and files. Worse of all, you end up with a broken screen and a completely useless phone.

So if you have a broken iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung or any other device with a damaged screen, then come visit us today. Come see why when it comes to iPhone screen repair in the Wilmington, NC area, Mr Phix is rated number one!

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MrphixiPhone Screen Repair in Wilmington, NC – Mr Phix

Ten Tips That Will Make Your Samsung Galaxy S5 More Amazing

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Ten Tips That Will Make Your Samsung Galaxy S5 More Amazing - Mr Phix

Take a look at these ten tips that will make your Samsung Galaxy S5 more amazing once you apply them to your device. The S5 has many awesome features which most users who own the phone are not even aware of. Once you apply these tips you will enjoy your mobile device even more.
Mr Phix, located in Wilmington, NC has numerous clients which brings us their broken and shattered screen phones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is just one of them. We love being able to restore this phone back to the way it was for our clients as it gives us great satisfaction. Providing these tips to make the ease of the S5 even better for the users also makes us happy.
1. Protect Your Phone:

One of the first things Samsung users should do is create a Samsung account. This will allow you to set up safety and emergency features on your S5. Once you set these measures in place, you will be able to ring, wipe your phone clean remotely and even locate it. With this security measure in place you can also prevent anyone who steals or has your device from reactivating it just in case.
You go to Settings > Safety Assistance. Here you will be prompted to add a primary contact number. This number you choose will allow you contact them in case of an emergency or when you want to send Help Messages to locate your phone. The device will turn on Location automatically and even take front and back photos to your emergency contact.

S5 Fingerprint Security - Mr Phix

2. Set up the Fingerprint Security:

For extra security on your S5, Samsung gives you the choice of enabling the fingerprint scanner feature. Simply go to your Settings > Finger Scanner and set it up there. With this cool feature on, you only need to use your fingerprint to unlock your device. You can set up numerous fingerprints so your device can recognize both thumbs and or index fingers. This feature is also great when you need to use third party apps to pay for stuff.
3. Personalize Your Camera Shortcuts:

With one of the best cameras found on any phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is awesome for taking photos. Better yet, you can even take advantage of the many shortcuts to make using the camera even easier. You can customize up to three shortcuts on the S5 to better suite your needs for each occasion.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Motion & Gestures - Mr Phix
4. Motion & Gestures:

The Air gestures and motion gestures on the GS5 are not only awesome, they also allow you to show off what your phone can do to your friends and family. With the swipe of your hand or palm you can actually make your phone take screen shots with a feature called Palm Swipe to Capture or Air Browse. Normally, you have to press the home and power buttons at the same time to take a screen-shot. However, with the Palm Swipe enabled, you can simply swipe your hand across the screen. You can also browse through photos using your hand as opposed to actually having to touch the phone to turn the photos which is pretty cool. Lastly, you can also use Air Gesture to scroll through a list of items or pages by moving your hand towards the direction you want to scroll.
5. Emergency Mode:

Hopefully you will never have to use this feature. However, in case that you do, the emergency mode on the S5 allows you to keep your phone on for at least 10 days should you need to. This function is like the Ultra Power Saving Mode which turns off all other features. By doing this, the S5’s primary focus will be extending the life of your phone’s battery for as long as possible.


Download Booster Feature - SG5 - Mr Phix
6. Use the Download Booster:

If there is one feature from the S5 we enjoyed using it is the download booster. By combining both the 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi, the GS5 can increase the download speeds tremendously with this function. This is great for when you want to download big files, TV shows or movies. FYI though, if you have a data limit plan then be sure to go to Settings > Network connections > Data usage and set a limit cap there.
7. Customize the Notification Panel:

Being able to toggle the NFC, screen brightness and Wi-Fi is just one of the great things about having quick access to your phone’s system settings. You can choose the order in which all other features on your phone appear once you scroll down the drop-down menu from the top of your phone. From different settings for your battery to Screen Rotation, Bluetooth and WiFi, you have the power to pick what appears first and last.


Samsung SG5 Bloat Ware - Mr Phix

8. Dump the Bloat Software:

Just like computers and tablets, most phones come filled with bloated software, apps and programs you will not only never use, but also do not need. Most of these are not put there by Samsung though, but rather the carriers. You can edit these apps by going to Settings > Application Manager or by dragging the icon from the app drawer and hitting ‘Edit” or “App Info”. Simply hit “Turn off” and your phone will just save resources needed for other apps you really use.

9. Transition Animations & Windows:

If there is one problem some users have with the SG5 is the lagging on the phone which happens sometimes. This comes from so many apps running at the same time and system RAM being over extended. Enabling this feature may not really cure the lagging problems, but it will boost your animation times and make your device run faster. Simply go to Settings > Developer Options and then About Device. Quickly tap on the “Build number” option and continue to do so for about ten times. After doing so you will see a message which says “You are now a developer”.
Next you go back and see the “Developer options” row now available. If you scroll down and find Drawing then tap on “Window animation scale”. From here set it to 0.5x and then do the same for the “Transition animation scale”. Walla, you are now a developer!


How to increase touch sensitivity on Samsung SG5 - Mr Phix
10. Increase Touch Sensitivity:

We all love our touchscreen phones until we try to use them with gloves on, then it becomes a problem. However, the S5 allows you to simply increase the touch sensitivity of your phone thus making the glove problem moot. Just go to Settings > Display and from here pick “Increase touch sensitivity”. This feature will not affect the touch once your gloves are off and it wont drain your battery either.

We hope you have enjoyed these ten tips that will make your Samsung Galaxy S5 more amazing from Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts. Remember, we offer a lifetime guaranteed on all our screen replacement work and we are the highest rated repair stores in the Wilmington, NC areas.

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MrphixTen Tips That Will Make Your Samsung Galaxy S5 More Amazing

Why Mr Phix Drives the Competition Crazy

by Mrphix on September 29, 2015 , Comments Off on Why Mr Phix Drives the Competition Crazy


Reasons Why Mr Phix Drives the Competition CrazyMany are wondering why Mr Phix drives the competition crazy. The fact is that it is not easy being the highest rated electronics repair shop in the Wilmington, NC area. However, Mr Phix has managed to achieve this through hard work, dedication and an exemplary customer satisfaction record. Our team of electronic gadgets repair technician experts have more than 15 years of serving the Wilmington, NC community. Our ultimate goal has always been to make sure each client leaves our stores not only with their repair or problems solved, but also completely satisfied. Unlike other places, Mr Phix is willing to take a loss in some cases to ensure the job comes out perfect and their phones, tablets or computers are restored just like before the issues occurred.
These are some of the many reasons why Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts, drives the competition crazy on a daily basis. Our adversaries have gone through great lengths to disparage and discredit our high ratings. Some of them have even resorted to writing false, negative reviews on our Google + page. Nevertheless, our loyal customers continue to make Mr Phix one of the most trusted and highest rated iPhone, Samsung and tablet screen replacement stores ever.
There is no advertisement stronger than customer satisfaction and word of mouth. Customers, when satisfied with the services, products or help they received will always speak about it and tell their friends and family. Mr Phix has known this for years and understands the value of having each client be treated with respect and value, not just as a source of income.
Our competition cannot understand the fact that we give every customer a lifetime guarantee on every screen replaced or work done by our staff. This move is unprecedented in the electronics repair business and not many are willing to do so because it may mean losing money if anything ever happens. However, Mr Phix will gladly forgo a profit so that the customers will have peace of mind and tranquility about the repair done on their mobile, tablets devices or computers.
Our competition, in their quest to only make money, ends up using low quality replacement parts. This in turn results in causing more problems because the low quality parts eventually break or even work properly. They also use people to do repairs without experience or the real knowhow behind screen replacements. We take our time on all our work done to make sure it is done right the first time. Mr Phix understands that mobile phones, tablets and computers are not just electronic gadgets to people, but rather an extension of their lives in many cases. This is because so many of us have so much personal, precious and irreplaceable information on our devices. Even more so for people who use them for business or work. Nothing can ever replace a video or photo from a birthday or special occasions that you may have stored on your phone, tablet or computer. Losing those files can be very disheartening and frustrating which is why it is so imperative to have your device fixed by a reputable and knowledgeable technician.
These are some of the reasons why Mr Phix drives the competition crazy, because we know what your devices mean to you and we treat them like you would; with care and if they were our very own. Until competitors learn that, we will continue to drive them crazy and we will continue to be the highest rated repair stores in the Wilmington, NC areas. All thanks to you, our customers.

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MrphixWhy Mr Phix Drives the Competition Crazy

13 Tricks for iMessage You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

by Mrphix on September 23, 2015 , Comments Off on 13 Tricks for iMessage You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

iMessage Logo - Mr Phix

We here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, are always looking for tips, tricks or anything that will make our customers lives easier when it comes to their mobile phones and its use. These following 13 tricks for iMessage you were too embarrassed to ask were posted on Popsugar.com and we wanted to share it with everyone.

Anyone who wants to become blue bubble masters of iMessage, which is Apple’s testing messenger, should read these.  Chances are you might know them all. However, there may be a few new texting tricks, hints and tips you can learn as well that you did not know.

How to Enable/Disable read receipts.

– Enable/Disable read receipts.

If you ever had someone text you and you did not respond back right away, then enabling and disabling read receipts is a trick you should know. This setting can let someome if you read their text and simply decided not to answer them. That can make you look really bad for not answering the text right away.
So this setting has pros and cons to it. To change them simply go to the settings app, select messages and choose enable or disable Send Read Receipts. Enabling will let people know the time you read it.

How to write all in CAPS

– Write in All CAPS?

Most people consider writing in ALL CAPS the alternative to screaming. However, sometimes you just want to get your point accross or make sure they understand your point. To write in ALL CAPS simply double tap the shift key to turn it into the caps lock key when your keyboard is open. ENJOY!
Remember, that if your phone or tablet’s screen ever cracks, break, shatters or gets damaged you can bring it to the replacement screen experts at Mr Phix. If you are in the Wilmington, NC area then we have several locations you can choose to visit. Mr Phix is the highest rated replacement screen company out there. This is because our staff has years of experience and we valued every customer and treat them like family. Also, to give you peace of mind, we give you a lifetime guaranteed on any screens replaced.

You can check out the rest of the other 13 iMessage Tricks You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask here.

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Mrphix13 Tricks for iMessage You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Screens Break – Mr Phix to The Rescue

by Mrphix on September 19, 2015 , Comments Off on Screens Break – Mr Phix to The Rescue

Mr Phix Comes to the Rescue of Your Broken or Shattered ScreensThere’s an old saying that two things are certain in life, Death and Taxes. The same can be said about glass and screens; they will one day break. Whether you have a mobile device or a tablet, sadly, the time will come when it will either shatter, break, crack or become damaged. Fortunetely, when screens break, Mr Phix comes to the rescue of your device. None of us ever want our phones or tablets to break or become damaged. Most of us have tons of family photos and videos on our phones. We also have work related files and our personal information. Mobile devices have become our mobile offices or like an extension of our computers. When something so important like this is damaged, you cannot gamble and take it to a store or someone who will end up damaging your device even further. Another important issue when it comes to screen replacement is the parts being used. Many places end up using low quality parts which end up breaking in mere months, sometimes sooner. Mr Phix never ever chooses profit over quality. We only use the best certified parts when replacing your broken, shattered or cracked screens.
It is well known that Mr Phix, is the replacement screen expert with the highest customer ratings in the entire Wilmington, NC area. This is because the staff at Mr Phix puts the customers first. Our team also has years of experience in the screen replacement business. We are also the only ones that give you a lifetime guaranteed on any work we do on your screen. No one else does that. No other store has more positive reviews than Mr Phix. Unlike some places, our reviews are legitimate, from real customers. You can check our reviews at our Google + page or our Facebook page as well. So the next time your screen breaks, have no fear and don’t fret. Just take it to one of Mr Phix stores and Mr Phix will come to the rescue of your device. With a lifetime guaranteed behind it!

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MrphixScreens Break – Mr Phix to The Rescue

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and Hints

by Mrphix on September 12, 2015 , Comments Off on Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and Hints

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and HintsIf you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 then you are very lucky as it is considered one of the best phones out there on the market right now. The staff here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, have put together some of the best  to help get the most out of your new mobile device.
The reality is that most people who own smartphones such as the iPhone or Samsung can sometimes spend a long time using them without taking advantage of some of the cool features these devices offer them. From shortcuts to extra feautures, we will help you become a Samsung S6 master.

– Get That Theme
You can change the look of your phone instantly by changing its theme. Simply tap and hold any empty space on your S6 home screen to bring up the options. You will also be able to change the grid and screen size. Although only 3 themes come with the phone by default, you can always find tons of them by following the link to the store at the right side of the top of the themes page. You can even create your very own themes as well with a new theme tool.

– Split Screen Enabling

One of the cool things the S6 offers is the abilty to view and use more than one app at the same time. By simply holding on to the multitaksing button at the bottom or the apps for a few seconds, you can enable split screen. The top half of the screen will display whatever you were originally on while the bottom half of the screen lets you choose the other. You can even resize the space of each screen.

– Navigation Streamline

Customizing your Samsung S6 to reflect what functions, shortcuts and features you want to have easy access to in your quick settings is one of the first things you should do with your phone. By pulling down the notification shade and tapping on Edit, you can get rid of the stuff you dont want and add what you need most. Tap done when you are satisfied with your new menu.

– Fingerprint Sensor

There is no easiest, quickest or more awesome way to secure and lock your S6 than by the fingerprint sensor. Simply go to Settings = Lock Screen and security = Screen lock type = Fingerprints. From here follow the instructions and secure your phone with your prints. It is best to use your thumb so you can easily unlock your phone with one hand. You can also add a password option.

– Please Do Not Disturb

Another great feauture is the do not disturb mode. In Settings = Do not disturb mode you can choose which calls to allow, no calls or only calls from a expecif person. You can even schedule the hours your phone will go in Do not disturb mode such as when you are at work.

– Keep Out

We all have some private photos or things on our phone we do not want nosy people looking at when they take hold of our phone. Simply go to Settings = Privacy and safety = Private mode and chose what people can see. Best of all, you can use your fingerprint to lock your private content.
– Samsung Gestures

You can control a few actions your Samsung S6 makes simply by using gestures. If you go to Settings = Motions and gestures you can find some really cool options such as:

  • Flip your S6 over and you can quickly silence it.
  • Use a palm swipe to capture a screen shot.
  • If you missed a call or message, Smart alert will send you a vibration alert whenever you pick up your phone.
  • Open a contact and simply lift your phone to your ear to call them with the Direct call gesture.

These are just a few of the many wonderful features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers its users. Check back with us as we are always updating and adding hints and tips guides for all of your mobile devices like the iPhone 5, 5S and 6 as well as iPads and Samsung devices.
Remember, in case you ever drop your phone or your screen shatters, breaks or cracks, we here at Mr Phix can replace it. Best of all we guarantee our work for the lifetime of your phone.

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MrphixSamsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and Hints

Why You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

by Mrphix on September 5, 2015 , Comments Off on Why You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

mr phix iphone repairs wilmington 2There are many people out there claiming to be able to replace your iPhone, Samsung or Tablet screens these days. However, before you allow one of these places to touch your device, check some of the reasons you should have your screen replaced by Mr Phix or a reputable place first. We all know that there is nothing worse than dropping your phone, tablet or device and having your screen become cracked or damaged in the process. Whether you sat on your phone, your kids threw it or dropped it, you let it drop in water or simply shattered the screen by mistake, doing so is one of the worst feelings in the world. This is largely due to our phones or devices being one of the gadgets we use more than anything these days. Also, some of us use our phones or Tablets for working, school or other reasons. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that having your phone screen replaced and brought back to the way it was before the incident is a very important decision.
It is not only about having someone who knows what they are doing with your device that is important. There is also the parts that will be used to replace the original. Let’s be honest, most businesses are in it to make a profit. This is why many places that fix broken or shattered screens end up compromising the quality of the parts they use to replace your original; for a bigger profit. However, here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, it is the other way around. In some instances we end up foregoing a profit just to make sure our customers are 1000% satisfied and that their devices are left as when they were before the problem.
We use only original and the highest quality replacement screens and parts. Also, our staff has years of experience.  Unlike some of our competition, we also guarantee our work on your device for as long as you own the device which is unprecedented in this or many other businesses.
That is why having your device replaced by Mr Phix, or reputable and reliable people is so important. Letting someone replace your screen with cheap or low quality parts can end up damaging your phone forever in some instances.
So the next time your iPhone or iPad, your Samsung or other devices needs screen replacement or work done, make sure you come visit Mr Phix at one of our stores in Wilmington, NC. We are rated number one for a reason; we deliver the highest quality work. We will make sure your phone or gadget is given back to you just like it was before the screen cracked or shattered or what whatever other issue you had. And we will guarantee our work to give you the peace of mind you need.

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MrphixWhy You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

Apple iPhone 6S and 7 News, Rumors and Release dates

by Mrphix on August 23, 2015 , Comments Off on Apple iPhone 6S and 7 News, Rumors and Release dates

Rumors, News and Release Dates for iPhone 7

The Internet and social media are already buzzing about when the Apple iPhone 6S and 7 will be released, what they will look like and what new features they will bring. Just like the rest of the world, all of us here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, eagerly look forward to any news regarding Apple iPhones. Our job is to make sure we always have the best available replacement parts, updates and fixes for all of our customers and their iPhone needs.
It is safe to say that no one can really know which direction Apple will take next when it comes to the iPhone 6S or 7. This is largely due to the significant changes Apple made in screen sizes when they released the iPhone 6. For now, if you have an iPhone 5, 5S, 6 or any other model phone such as the Samsung Galaxy 4, 5 or 6 which requires fixing, our experts at Mr. Phix can do the job for you. In case you have a cracked, shattered or broken screen then we will replace it for you and leave it brand new like it was before. Mr Phix also repairs any Apple iPads or other tablets which may have a broken, shattered or cracked screens as well. In fact, if your phone is acting up with any kinds of issues and you are in the Wilmington, NC area, just drop by and pay us a visit and one of our many experts will try to take care of you.
As far as the Apple 6S or 7, you can bet there will be countless of websites and videos on Youtube purporting to have the ‘Scoop’ or inside leak of what the phone will look like. However, Apple is always very guarded when it comes to leaks about their latest products. This is largely due to the phone market being a such a competitive business. Whenever the new Apple phones are released, you can bet the buzz will be just as huge as the release of the iPhone 6.

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MrphixApple iPhone 6S and 7 News, Rumors and Release dates

Screen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

by Mrphix on July 28, 2015 , Comments Off on Screen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

Mr Phox- Screen Replacement Experts - Wilmington, NCAre you in the Wilmington, NC area and looking for a screen replacement for either your iPhone, Samsung, iPad or another mobile device? Then welcome to Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts with years of experience and one of the highest rated on the Internet. When it comes to screen replacement in Wilmington, NC, Mr Phix is the place to bring your electronic devices. Our expert staff has successfully replaced thousands of cracked, damaged, broken, shattered or destroyed screens. If your phone is damaged due to other issues then we can resolved that as well.

There may be others in Wilmington, NC offering similar services, however, only Mr Phix is willing to guaranteed their work and even take a loss to make sure you are completely satisfied. We are also the only ones that stand behind every screen replacement or repair with a guaranteed for life. This is because customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us. We also use the best parts available when making repairs to make sure your phone, iPad or electronic gadget will work just like they were before the problem.

Everyone in our team of screen replacement experts knows and understands what it means to break, crack or shatter your screen. We know exactly how you feel when it happens because we have all experienced a broken or damaged screen at one time or another and we treat your devices as if they were our very own. The people here at Mr Phix have been in the screen replacement business for many years now. We also have several locations in the Wilmington, NC areas to make it easier for you to find a convenient location near you.

Mr Phix offers discounts to our brave service men and women since we appreciate, respect and honor their sacrifices and services to our country. This discount applies to both active and retired members.
So if you are in the Wilmington, NC area and you are looking for expert screen replacement for your iPhone, Samsung or iPads then come check out Mr Phix to see why we are number one.

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MrphixScreen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

iphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions List

by Mrphix on July 5, 2015 , Comments Off on iphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions List

iphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions ListThe Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus are finally here much to the chagrin of faithful iPhone users and general public. However, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, combined with the IOS 8 have also brought with them many problems causing users concern and frustration. From issues to not being able to hear during calls, Red & blue Screens, Home button not working and several others, they are enough to drive anyone using one of these phones mad. We here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, understand your frustrations which is why we have put together this list detailing each problem and their solutions.

– Rapid Battery Drain = Although Apple has had issues in the past with other previous versions of the iPhone cel losing battery life too quickly, the iPhone 6 sometimes goes through some real sudden battery drops in battery life or drain. This can be due to the fact that this phone has a higher and larger resolution display as well faster processors and many other added battery draining features.

Fix = There could be an app causing the battery to drain really fast.
Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage – Here you can take a look
at exactly what apps are using most of your battery and draining it. You can either
disable the app or try un-installing it. Also, you should lower the brightness on your screen display.

– No SIM card error Glitch = Although this problem is not as rampant as others, there are still a few people who have reported their iPhone 6 suddenly complaining that there s “No SIM card installed” or “Invalid SIM”

Fix = Try restarting your phone by turning it on and off again.
You can also try toggling the Airplane mode by switching it on and off a few times to see if that resolves the issue.
Try making sure that your current software is up to date as well.
Remove current SIM card and try it on another device similar to yours or you can also try a different SIM card on your phone also.
There could be a chance that your SIM card is dirty or damaged. Remove the SIM card, use a pencil eraser to clean the gold contacts. You should then blow away or remove any debris left over before inserting the SIM card back to your phone.
If, after trying all of these steps the phone still does not recognizes your SIM card, then contact your local carrier or Apple.
– iOS 8 bugs = Even though all softwares experience bugs at the beginning, the iOS 8 bugs appear to be more frequent than other previous versions. From Safari crashing randomly, phone rebooting on its own and several other issues, the bugs in iOS 8 are enough to annoy and frustrate many users.

Fix = Other than waiting on Apple and apps to update in order to fix their bugs, there is really no solution users can perform on their own. As before, make sure your phone is always updated to the latest version.

Problem: Red Screen = Several iPhone 6 and 6 plus users have complained about their phone’s screens going red. While most times the Red screen problem appears to resolve itself, others have had issues where it refused to turn off at all.

Fix = You can try simultaneously holding down the Home & the Sleep/Wake buttons for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. However, while the phone may restart normally, some users complain about the problem coming back. If this is the case then if could be a software glitch issue such as a corrupted backup or file. The solution for this would be restoring your phone through iTunes.
It can also be a hardware failure on the phone itself whereas you should contact Apple and arrange to have your iPhone 6 or 6 plus replaced altogether.
– Issue: Cracked screen = Too many users are complaining that their iPhone 6 and 6 plus screens are easily damaged when dropped or hit. Nevertheless, very few users are able to have a phone without ever experiencing the dreaded cracked screen. Whether it may be by dropping your phone or some other way, this is one of the worst and most expensive problems that can happen to your phone. One of the best ways to protect your phone is by investing in a good protective cover or case. If, however, you have a broken screen, then Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts can change it for you. We have repaired hundreds of cracked screens. From Cell phones to iPads, we will gladly fix any issues relating to cracked screens or others you may have with your gadgets.

There are many other problems affecting iPhone 6 and 6 plus users including phone bending, No service or touch iD working to several others. You can read the entire list here of all other issues or problems you may experience with your iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

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Mrphixiphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions List

Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

by Mrphix on June 26, 2015 , Comments Off on Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

If you have an Apple iPhone then you know that there are millions of apps out there for your phone. This is why knowing which apps to add to your phone is very important. Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC found this article containing a list of the top 10 best apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus to help you sort out the best apps out there.

Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusChoosing great apps can make your phone work much better and help speed it up as well since some apps can slow down your phone by using too many system resources.

For those of you that love puzzles or mind games, then one of the best puzzle apps out there is Threes! There is a free version and a paid one for $1.99.

The Netflix app is a great app to have since Netflix is one of the best subscription services out there for streaming TV and movies on your iPhone.

1Password maker is an essential app for your phone since there are so many cases of hacking and cyber attacks lately. This iPhone app can greatly make your device more secure.

Are you looking for a date? Then Tinder is a wonderful app which allows users to connect with new people nearby with a simple swipe. You can swipe those you like or pass those who you do not.

You can read the entire list containing the top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus here

Remember that if your iPhone or Samsung phone has any problems, or your screen is shattered, damaged or needs to be replaced, Mr Phix can do it for you. We offer quality work at affordable prices. Mr Phix has 2 convenient locations in the Wilmington, NC area for those who have any problems with their cell phones.

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MrphixTop 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

by Mrphix on June 8, 2015 , Comments Off on iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement - Mr Phix

Below is a video from Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts which shows you a step by step guide on what to do when attempting an Apple iPhone 5 screen replacement. For those in the Wilmington, NC area which may feel this may be too difficult or time consuming for them, simply come visit us and we will gladly repair your broken, damaged, shattered or malfunctioning iPhone or Samsung screen for you.

This video depicts how to replace a broken screen on an iPhone 5.

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MrphixiPhone 5 Screen Replacement