Got Devices Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

Broken iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone

If you have a tablet, computer. laptop or mobile device with any problems or issues then you should bring it or you can even ship it to Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone or Samsung cell phone’s screen is smashed, trashed or shattered or if your computer has a virus, you need data recovery or other PC problems. Once one of the professional technicians in any of Mr Phix stores gets their hands on your device, they will be returned back to you in pristine, like new conditions. In the event that you cannot bring your devices to one of our stores, you can ship it and we will send it back to you the same day when possible.

When Screens Break!

You know how easy it is for your kids or someone to drop or hit your iPad or tablet. In an instant, your precious device’s screen is broken or cracked. To most people, this may seem like the end of the tablet or device. However, Mr phix can do their magic and, in many cases, have your Devices repaired in less than 20 minutes. That’s not the best of all, though. The best thing out of having your mobile or tablet repaired by us is that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all the work done. That’s right; a lifetime guaranteed. No other store can dare make such an offer. However, Mr Phix does.

Why Lifetime Guarantee?

There are numerous reasons as to why we do so. One, Mr phix uses the highest quality parts in all of the repairs they perform. This means that rather than replace your cracked screen with a cheap screen replacement which will eventually get damaged again, Mr Phix uses the highest name brands replacement parts. These are the same replacement parts that Apple and Samsung use themselves.

Second, Mr phix and their team of expert techs know what it means to have your screen broken or cracked or have a device with a problem. They understand how important your device are to you since they contain important banking information, files, videos and other valuable data. We will make sure that all that data is never compromised, lost or damaged during our repairs.

Your Device Matters To Mr Phix

Lastly, Mr phix wants to give each and every customer a piece of mind once they leave our stores. Even if it means taking a loss or not making that much profit if something ever goes wrong. Our customers satisfaction is paramount to us. Thus the reasons why Mr Phix offers such a great guarantee on all the work done. Perhaps you have trouble with your computer or laptop too due a virus or something else. Whatever the reason, we can repair them as well since we have more than fifteen years in the repair business.
So remember, if you got device issues, Mr Phix will fix it… and guarantee it for life!

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