Low Investment

You can own your own Mr Phix for less then $75,000.00

Mr Phix is your opportunity to be a part of the growing 4 billion dollar a year industry. We have been servicing and performing Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Samsung repairs fifteen years. Financing is available to qualified clients with less than a 75,000 All-In investment.

We Will Show You How

We Provide Hands-on extensive training and support to our franchise owners, management and staff.

Our Training staff have been teaching and empowering technicians since the beginning of the device repair industry. Our reputation is second to none. You will have expert training and knowledge from the highest rated staff in the area. We provide continued education and support and advanced training classes available to expand your repair expertise.

Low Overhead High Profit

We command 20 years of rock solid franchise marketing experience and knowledge

We take the risk out of the equation. Our 20 years of franchise marketing experience will set you apart from all the other sole proprietors in your town. Mr. Phix is the first of mind for anyone needing hardware repair. Our proven successful marketing and media packages let you begin ahead of the competition. With our growth formula we will train you to have your store earnings increase exponentially.

Low Overhead High Profit

With a staff of only 5 needed to run a thousand dollar a day business

With low overhead labor and operating costs this is the top industry to invest your future with. Cell phone repair has grown at an alarming rate with the rising cost of new devices and the damage prone larger screens make for a positive future for Mr Phix owners and investors.

Join the Best Cell Phone Repair Franchise and the Mr Phix Team

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1545 S.College Rd. Wilmington, NC. 28403


1545 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

Mon-Sun:10:00 AM - 7:00PM

+1 888.404.7449

Lifetime Guarantee

Every part we use and every repair we perform has a Lifetime Guarantee

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