How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Phones

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How to Speed up and Save Space on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Mr. Phix, the screen replacement experts, have put together this very helpful article filled with tips and tricks on how to speed up and save space on your Samsung Galaxy phones. We have researched ways to enhance and speed up your Galaxy Phone without the controversial Rooting of your precious device. These are all options and a personal choice. However, they  have been proven effective as ways to make improve the speed and stability of your Samsung phone significantly.

1. Weed through the Widgets – Only Keep What You Use. Do you really need to have 100 widgets crowding your home screen slowing your Samsung Galaxy Phone down? A widget jammed home screen will not only slow down your Android phone, but it will also tax your battery life and performance. This does not mean you should remove all of your widgets. Just to keep the ones you actually use. Simply having an app does not justify creating a widget with it.










2.   Home Screen is to Save Time – Do you really need 8 home screens? Each home screen is using resources constantly. As a general rule you should have no more than three home screens. Most of the time you can really consolidate to one and get all the app you use on a regular basis to fit.Samsung Home Screen






3.   Remove Photos and Unused Apps to Free Space – How many photos do you really need on your phone? The best practice is to take pictures on your phone but store them on your computer or a cloud service. This is a good idea for several reasons.

  1. By cleaning up storage and freeing space. it will speed up your android.
  2. Many times I have had clients damage their phone and have thousands on photos that were on it be lost forever.
  3. Consider an SD storage card for an upgrade or as way to add more memory and an extra place to keep your photos, videos and other media files.

We all love apps. However, if space on your Samsung Galaxy phone is limited, consider removing photos and images you no longer need to free needed space.

4.   Disable Selective Animations – Many savvy users know how to enter advanced setting in Developer Options. screen shots below Settings → About Phone → and then Tap Build Number 7 times, you’ll get developer privileges on your device. Following the steps will show a new menu called Developer Options, proceed and notice the following three options;

  • Window Animation Scale
  • Transition Animation Scale
  • Animator Duration Scale.

These options control the multiple transitional animations your Android uses between the different actions you use. For example Multitasking, they are by default, unnecessarily set to 1.5x. Disabling this featurewill speed up your multitasking and have impact on the feel & speed. This will also give you the feeling of a phone running significantly faster. Try  experiment and see what works best for you. Follow the screen shots below to adjust the Animation scale settings

Open Settings by pressing the menu button and then press the More  tab on the top right









Scroll down and press the Build Number  until it says “you are now a developer

Developer Mode









Press the Back  button tap  Developer Options

Developer Options









Scroll and select  Window animation scale

Animations Scale









Chose or turn off animation or a lesser X … and repeat for other animation scales:  
Transition animation scale 
Animator duration scale

3 Animation Scales


5.   Turn Off the S Voice Shortcut

S Voice







Samsung’s S Voice is their answer to Apple’s Siri. It can do many things like when you can ask it questions such as “where is Mr Phix?”. It can navigate to an address, open apps, post updates to Facebook, dictate memos and many other tasks. However, we strongly suggest disabling the Home Key shortcut for this app, which launches S Voice when you press the button twice. The S Voice causes a noticeable lag when exiting apps to the home screen with this function on, as the S4 seems to be waiting just in case you press the Home button twice. The Function is delayed by following the steps below


Press the Home button twice to launch S Voice Icon

Press the  Settings button

S Voice Settings







from the left of the home button Press the Settings  gear the pops up

Un-check the Box “Open via Home Key”


6.   Don’t Miss a Photo –  Set a lock-screen shortcut for the Camera app so you can unlock it

directly to the camera with a swipe. Follow the screen shots below to do it.

Unlock to photo







Go to the Settings menu and press the

My Device tab at the top middle of the screen.


Chose Lock screen

shortcuts options







Press  Shortcuts  option in the Lock screen menu

Switch the  Set Shortcuts  option from Off to On the Camera app

will be one of the five by default and you can reorder any of the options






7.    Android Assistant –  This is a conservative  app without the bells and whistles. The well known  Quick Boost  button will be able to control and end processes and services to boost performance. It gives an in-depth view of running processes allowing you to temporarily disable, also it has a System Cleaner  which frees space by clearing the stored cache files from the web, apps and other locations

8.   Fast Reboot –  This app does one simple task which you may have already guessed. It restarts system resources and in turn will free Memory and speed your response and performance of your Android phone.










9.   Watchdog –  This Policing app helps you monitor usage with a real-time feature and alert you of excessive CPU usage and give the option to disable it then and there









 10. Disable the Unlock Effect –

Unlock effect








  • Go to Settings and select My Device at the top of the menu
  • Click  Lock screen option


Click Unlock effect and then select  None  from the bullet menu

unlock effect options


We hope you enjoyed this post on how to speed up your Samsung Galaxy phones. Here at Mr Phix, we encourage you to comment and list any other ways there may be to enhance the performance and speed of the Samsung Galaxy phones. 

MrphixHow to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Phones

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