iPhone “Air” 6 to be released as Early as May

by Mrphix on January 9, 2014 , Comments Off on iPhone “Air” 6 to be released as Early as May

The latest update on the iPhone 6 is leading to a release date as early as May. Reports say it will follow the October release pattern. The new Slim design is said to be only 6mm. thick. Compared to the iPhone 5S, which is 7.6mm thick and the 5C model which measures 9mm.


We have come a long way…The iPhone 3GS, sold in 2012, topped 12mm – double the thickness of  the proposed new “Air” model.

Not only will it get thinner but it is getting bigger as well. It has been confirmed that the screen  will be an enlarged 5 inches compared to the current 4 inch screen. This will bring them closer to their Samsung Rivals.
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MrphixiPhone “Air” 6 to be released as Early as May

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