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Mr Phix iPhone Screen Repair - Wilmington NC

If you are looking for iPhone screen repair in Wilmington, NC then Mr Phix is the place you want to go to. They also fix cracked or shattered Samsung, iPads and many other devices. There are many shops presently offering screen repair services in the Wilmington, NC area. However, the majority of these repair stores often end up causing more harm than solutions. Unlike Mr Phix, they use low quality replacement parts to make a bigger profit. Furthermore, these other places take hours and sometimes days to replace your screen. That is not the case when you come to visit any of one of our locations. In most cases, we will have your phone ready for you like new in 20 minutes. Best of all, Mr Phix gives you a lifetime guarantee on any screens they replace. No one in their right mind would ever, ever offer any guarantee on screens, let alone a lifetime one. Nevertheless, Mr Phix does simply because they want their customers to have peace of mind and to know we stand by our work. We know that if done correctly, your broken or shattered screen will be replaced and end up like new again. Plus, we want to keep every client happy and make sure they will come back again and again. We cut no corners when it comes to using the best available parts to restore the damaged ones. In the words of Ted Glackin, the founder of Mr Phix “We are in business for a profit … but we will take a loss to keep a customer satisfied”

Why Mr Phix in Wilmington, NC?

Of course there are hundreds of places offering similar services to customers with broken, cracked or damaged phone screens. So why Mr Phix in Wilmington, NC? For one, Mr Phix has the highest rated customer satisfaction record of any stores in the area. Customer upon customer ends up giving 5 star reviews for the work they received from us because we make sure their problems are solved to 100% satisfaction. Every expert technician in our repair shops will go out of his or her way to ensure that your device is just like it was before the problem occurred. Don’t make the mistakes others make when they go to other unreliable repair stores whose staff does not have the knowledge to really fix your phone or device. Sometimes they end up destroying your device for ever causing you to lose all your information and files. Worse of all, you end up with a broken screen and a completely useless phone.

So if you have a broken iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung or any other device with a damaged screen, then come visit us today. Come see why when it comes to iPhone screen repair in the Wilmington, NC area, Mr Phix is rated number one!

MrphixiPhone Screen Repair in Wilmington, NC – Mr Phix

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