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We are in business for profit but, we are willing to take a loss for the opportunity to make a customer completely satisfied

Hey everyone.
For those of you who don’t know me my name is Ted Glackin and I am the owner of Mr Phix here in Wilmington, NC.
I want to honestly tell each and every one of you how grateful I am for the referrals that you have given me. As you know, referrals and all of You, my precious customers, are the lifeblood of my business. We are in business for profit but, I am willing to take a loss for the opportunity to make a customer completely satisfied. Aside from the fact that the number of people which one customer will refer to us is essential, there is also the great satisfaction we get from resolving any issues or problems our customers may have.
Our number one goal is to provide an exceptional experience to every customer who comes to us. We handle anything from a simple question to a difficult problem such as rebuilding an iPhone 6 which may have been thrown out of a window by a client’s daughter at 45 MPH.
I love what we do.  We have been in business for over 5 years now. However, I have been repairing computers and devices for most of my life. I have worked with my hands in every job I have ever done. I am self-taught and I am also a puzzle solver. Sometimes, fixing a device or solving a problem for a client becomes an obsession until it is resolved. If you call me, I will answer my phone. I began this business when I went back to college for an A+ certification. computer engineering and a technology degree. I needed a way to support my family so I began fixing laptops and computers in a spare bedroom in our house. From there on Mr Phix PC was born. I always liked the name Mr Fix. Unfortunately though, the Mr Fix name belonged to a plumber in Ohio so that wasn’t going to work. Nevertheless, we settled on Mr. Phix.
I started repairing iPhones and iPads when the 3G and iPad 1st Gen were popular.
Besides the phone repairs, I also design and build my own websites. After adding iPhone repair to the site I said to my wife let’s wait and see what happens.
My very first customer was a girl from UNCW who literally came to me crying since she had broken her iPhone 4 at a bar. Back then, the phone had just been released the night before. She was extremely upset as her iphone screen was completely smashed and a mess. First thing I did was order the screen online; even though at the time I had no clue on how to repair the phone. I worked in front of my monitor with a near worthless YouTube video on how to fix the phone with a pair of tiny screw drivers which came free along with the iPhone screen. Truth be told, I was literally sweating. Very carefully I laid everything across the desk systematically and the repair took over 3 hours. However, these days it only takes about 15 minutes. During this repair, my cat jumped across the desk and scattered the 23 screws across the surface. Nevertheless, I was successful with the repair and the girl hugged me and even forgot the repair had just cost her $250 to fix. She left laughing and smiling like I was a superhero. It was then that I told my wife ” I think I have found something that I really love doing”
I have personally repaired thousands of phones and iPads. I have broken every kind, I have messed up more times than I want to remember. However, with each mistake I have made, I have taken responsibility for all of them and learned a lesson from each one as well. Since that first repair I have offered a lifetime guarantee on every part and service I have done. I was the only shop to offer such a guarantee.
This goes above and beyond any guarantee my parts providers offer or any guarantee that Apple offers as well. I ended up taking the money from that repair and bought 2 more screens, one of each color & continued to repeat the process all over again and again. We now stock all iPhone, iPad and iPod as well Samsung screens models parts, component’s and protective iArmorglass.
One night. after realizing that the PC of Mr Fix pc had to go and the plumber wasn’t giving it up, I came up with the name Mr Phix.
We are now a full service computer and device repair facility. We are also well known for our work on Apple Samsung devices. We stock all iPhone iPad and Samsung screen models and components. Although you may not know it, we also repair computers as well as having a graphics design and website team for small businesses in our team. Lastly, we also handle small business network, security and consulting. Once again, I thank each and everyone of you, my customers whom without Mr. Phix would not have ever been possible.

Thank you!


Ted Glackin & the Mr, Phix Team.

MrphixMr Phix Thanks You

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