David L.

by Mrphix on March 29, 2015 , Comments Off on David L.

My daughter’s iPhone 4s screen cracked the final week of the semester and after picking her up we were going to visit my mother-in-law in Wilmington. I Googled for iphone repair in Wilmington and Mr Phix came up. I contacted them and within 30 mins had an answer from Ted with the pricing and to let him know when we would be able to stop by. We ended up getting into Wilmington late in the day and Ted even offered to stay open late if needed. We got to his very nice office location near Mayfair and within 30 mins my daughter had a new screen. They tested everything out to make sure it looked like she just needed a new screen. When we returned they let me know that the button tabs were broken so they replaced it at no charge, along with a new gasket for the button. Super responsive service and a great crew! Though I live in NJ, I’d ship my phone to Ted and his team to have it repaired.

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