Draimond J.

by Mrphix on March 29, 2015 , Comments Off on Draimond J.

Several months ago, my son had an issue with a phone….I googled cell phone repair in Wilmington, since I live out of town I needed someone where I worked. I got in touch with Ted and although he couldn’t help me, he offered very good advice and I was able to resolve my problem. A couple of weeks ago, my phone was acting crazy and I called Ted and he jumped on it immediately. I couldn’t leave my job to take him the phone, so he made arrangements to come get it from me. While we were waiting for the part to come in, he kindly offered me a loaner until mine was fixed. Although the battery wasn’t the problem, he still allowed me to keep the loaner until we could come up with a resolution. I was then able to purchase another phone from him and I am a SATISFIED customer!!!! Best customer service that I have ever experienced!!!

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