Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass Replacement Wilmington

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Samsung Front glass repair

We Perform Glass Only Repairs Here in Wilmington on All Samsung Galaxy Phones


The Glass replacement process will save you money. Our Competition replaces your entire LCD screen assembly which in most cases is not necessary. With the cost of phones increasing and insurance deductibles and premiums high, glass replacement is a great solution. Rather than replacing your LCD we remove and recover your LCD screen using a very sophisticated system of tools and techniques. We then take your recovered LCD and install new original quality iQ certified touch screen glass bonded with LOCA Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive, we then cure your screen in a UV lamp activating the adhesive permanently bonding the glass to the LCD reproducing the same process performed in the factory. The result is a brand new assembly at a fraction of the cost. The process takes more time to perform, not all broken screens are eligible for a glass replacement we have listed a check list to determine if you would be a candidate for Glass Replacement on your Phone.

Samsung SG4 Broken Glass

Powered Off
Samsung SG4 Broken Glass









The most important think to look for is the LCD image is not damaged when you power on the phone, then test the touch function and make sure there is no problems with screen sensitivity. You can do this by dragging an icon across the screen to all the screen areas.


We will remove the glass using our digitally control heat surface and separate the glass using techniques and tools we have developed through the course of trial and testing. As you can see the cracked Samsung glass screen is successfully removed and to the left. the newly assembled Samsung Galaxy S4 is to the left.


Removed-Glass-Samsung-Galaxy-S4 and repaired LCD assembly










Next we will power on the new screen assembly and test all function of the LCD and touch sensitivity



As you can see the image is perfect. We will confirm the touch function by dragging an icon across the entire surface of the screen. If there was a bad area or loss of touch function the icon would snap back to its original location on the screen and we would not be able to continuously drag it completely across the entire screen surface. The Screen Repair was a success


Repaired-Glass-Samsung-Galaxy-S4 powered off

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