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Business IT

Trusted Business IT Services & Support Services in Wilmington, NC

At Mr Phix, we offer a pool of excellent business IT solutions in Wilmington, NC. Our main goal is to make it simpler for you to run your business smoothly while our experts take care of the technical part. Designed strategically by a group of experts, our business IT solutions will help you achieve your business objectives more efficiently than ever before. Our services are performed by subject matter experts who have numerous years of experience in the field. No matter your business type, we can cater to your needs effectively! Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


Looking for expert IT services and support? We’ve got you covered! Feel free to contact us for a consultation today.


Do you need Virus Protection or Removal or Do you need a proactive plan to keep your office network and data safe and secure? We have a firewall and behavioural monitoring solutions with automatic roll-back features to guarantee not only your business and network but your Data safety as well. We will provide you with a proactive plan to keep your office and network data safe. Moreover, we can also offer virus protection and removal services to ensure your data remains secure.

Remote Support

Need professional support to help your business sort out problems and achieve goals faster? We’ve got you covered with our impeccable remote support, such as file transfer, remote print, chat, session recording, etc. We have the ability to offer remote support for immediate assistance to solve problems and save time and money.

Server Maintenance

Mr Phix can provide Server maintenance contracts, upgrades, repairs, sales, and installations.

Cloud Solutions

Do you need a Cloud-based solution for data backup and recovery? Do you need to talk about ways to improve productivity and performance with cloud-based access for employees and staff? Do you have questions about software or devices even your computer system? We are your solution.  Whether you need cloud-based solutions for backup and data recovery or want to boost performance using cloud-based access for your staff, we have got the fix you were searching for!

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