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Desktop Repair

Reliable And Comprehensive Repair Services For Desktops In Wilmington, NC

We understand that in this digital era, you vastly rely on your desktop for work and leisure time activities. But what happens when your desktop develops issues you cannot resolve by yourself? This is where Mr Phix comes in. At Mr Phix, we provide a wide range of repair services for your malfunctioning desktops in Wilmington, NC. Performed by experts, our desktop repair services are comprehensive, reliable, and efficient. We take pride in merging affordability and durability with our repair services to make it easier for our customers to make the most out of our services. We can fix a variety of concerns, such as broken monitors, faulty ports, malfunctioning webcams, viruses, and data recovery. You can count on us to use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to perform above-the-par services. Moreover, our desktop repair services come with a lifetime warranty. It allows you to rest assured that a guarantee from professional repair technicians backs the repair. No matter what issue your desktop has, we’ve got you covered. So feel free to contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment! 

Hardware Repair & Upgrade

Mr Phix uses original quality parts with a lifetime guarantee, we provide only expert repairs on all major and custom brands of desktop computers. computers are no longer disposable. They are designed to be repaired. We have access to the largest inventory of hard drives and components in the country. Most parts are typically available as early as the next day. We offer same-day repairs when the part arrives.

Virus Removal

We have been successfully detecting and removing viruses for 15 years. We have the training, experience, and knowledge to give you the security and protection you need

Hard Drive Replacement & Data Recovery

Will your computer not turn on? do you have a black screen? Have you seen the famous Blue Screen of Death? This could be due to a failing or failed hard drive. Don’t wait until your data may still be recovered we can remove and recover your data and install a new hard drive to have your laptop running brand new immediately. We have many sizes and performance options such as the new SSD Solid State Drive.

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