81-year-old creates new app

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We all know the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, 81 year old Masako Wakamiya is proving that is not the case. Wakamiya just recently created her own iPhone app. According to CNN, Masako Wakamiya felt making this app was necessary after noticing a shortage of “fun” apps for people in her age group.

She stated to CNN, “We easily lose games when playing against young people, since our finger movements can’t match their speed”. Wakamiya, a retired banker reached out to others to create games for the elderly, with no success. Therefore, she decided to do something about it herself.

However, Wakamiya has not always been a technology guru. She first learned how to use computers at age sixty and remembers that they were not as “user friendly” then as they are now. Once she got everything set up, she was ready to go. She joined a “silver club” reported CNN, which focuses on how to use the internet and connect seniors online.

Her new iOS game is based on Hinamatsuri or Doll’s Day, which is a traditional festival in Japan that is celebrated in March. The game displays ornamental dolls that need to be decorated and organized for the festival.

Wakamiya now gives computer lessons and blogs regularly. She also was able to write her own PC textbooks due to the available material being “too boring”, reported CNN. Hinadan was her first app but most likely will not be her last. She stated to CNN, “I have lots of ideas and want to create new apps, but my programming skills are poor. I need more time to develop them”.

To read the original CNN article, check out the link below.



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Mrphix81-year-old creates new app

MyStarbucks Barista

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Starbucks is revamping how customers can use their app. A new feature called MyStarbucks Barista allows customers to place their orders by simply saying “I want a latte”. Not only can you order your morning cup of Joe this way but you can also pay for it as well, grab your cup and keep rolling with your day.

This new feature offered on the Starbucks app was announced on Monday, according to CNN. For now, MyStarbucks Barista is only available to 1,000 people across the globe when it comes out this summer for iOS devices. However, don’t worry Android users, a version of MyStarbucks Barista will be heading your way after the release of the iOS version, CNN reported.

However, Starbucks isn’t stopping there. They are also rolling out a new voice-ordering tool for Amazon’s Alexa. In order to get your caffeine fill all you have to do is say “Alexa, order my Starbucks” and it will place your order for you via the Starbucks app.

The hope of this new feature is to reduce the number of people waiting in line to pick up their coffee, which the app was original making a bigger problem, which of course discourages people from using it. However, the company hopes more people will be interested in the app with the introduction of the MyStarbucks Barista feature.

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MrphixMyStarbucks Barista

Travel Apps for You

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Business Insider is one of the sources I use for all things technology based. I stumbled across one article that I thought was particularly interesting about some the best apps out there for your travel needs. Here are some of the ones I thought were the most useful.

1.     Airbnb

Airbnb is a very cool app in the sense that it can save you a lot of money for housing while you travel. How it works is you find a house, apartment or room for rent but the difference is that they are posted by everyday people like you and me, not big companies or hotels. It could be a whole house or maybe just a room, but the users post whatever they have available such as an empty room and offer them out to travelers, rather than having to stay in a hotel. You can find locations all over at varying costs per night.

The majority of the Airbnb rates are set by those that offer the accommodations and normally, depending on the location, the rates are cheaper or comparable to that of hotel rates. It also, in my opinion, feels a little more “homie” than that of your typical hotel room.

2.     BringFido

BringFido is an app for all of those out there who love their four legged friend. What this app does is it helps you find all the best places for your dog such as pet friendly hotels, beaches or restaurants. It basically makes it so you almost never have to be away from your furry pal. It also provides you with information as to where you can find pet supply shops and veterinarian services while you are on the go.

I have never personally used this app, but it sounds incredibly cool. I am absolutely going to look into this for my dog.

3. Flush Toilet Finder

It might sound funny but it is a pretty useful app. We have all been in that “we aren’t sure we’ll make it” situation and this helps rid you of that, no matter where you go. This app will tell you no matter where you are or how far you go, a restroom is within reach. It has a database of up to 100,000 bathrooms across the globe. This app is free for both Android and iOS users. You also are able to filter bathrooms near you based on if they have a fee for usage, a key or have disabled access.

This app is super useful, especially for the moms out there. We have all been in that situation when they didn’t need to go but five minutes later is a different story. This will help out in those situations for sure. Not to mention, it can be challenging to find a restroom when you aren’t familiar with the area. But, this now a problem of the past thanks to this nifty app.

4.  Cities Talking

This is another one of those apps that could save you money and make your travel experience unforgettable. What this app does is it has guided tours of all of the world’s most popular cities to visit. These tours are walking tours that provide voice overs by various artists. For example, Business Insider reported that the London tour has a voice over by Christopher Biggins. You have the ability to rewind, pause or fast forward the tour if you’d like as well. One of the best features is that you can skip over certain parts if you would like to bypass that tourist attraction. You can also take notes as you go if you learn something interesting or want to remember something about that attraction.

I think that this app would save you a lot of money on a trip for sight seeing. Obviously, you can always pay for a guided tour, but with this you can see the sights at your own pace rather than travel with a tour group. It uses GPS technology to run the guide when you reach the next place on the tour. However, wifi and data are not required so you can venture on your own as well. Cities Talking is also a free app for Android and iOS devices.

5. Foodspotting

For all of you foodies out there, this app is more than just reading a menu. It’s basically a visual guide to food in various restaurants all over the world. Launched in 2010, Foodspotting lets you read reviews and see recommended dishes for restaurants all over the globe. It also allows you to search based on the food you have in mind, such as pizza or sushi. You can also search for what is good to eat at certain restaurants, making it easier to chose what your want to eat or maybe what you don’t want.

This app could potentially be useful if you are in an area you have never been to and you are looking for a place to eat. It’s never fun blindly guessing what’s good to eat in different places, especially if you are kind of picky like I am. It also might help if you have a food allergy. Users could include information about foods offered for those with food allergies, making it easier to find places to eat in some situations.

No matter where you go or how far you go these apps can make traveling more about the experience and less about the stress that sometimes can come along with it. The original Business Insider article included several other apps that are good for travelers. If you are interested in check it out, here is the link to the article: http://www.businessinsider.com/best-travel-apps-2016-12/#accuweather-1.

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MrphixTravel Apps for You

10 Must Have iPhone Apps

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10 Must Have iPhone Apps

Our techs at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, bring you these 10 must have iPhone apps you need to download today. Let’s face it, Apps make our lives so much easier. Truth is that it is hard to imagine how we lived so long without them (and our smartphones)

While there are millions of applications you can download, some of them are more useful and needed than others. This is even more applicable now that many apps use up so much resources on your phone. Choosing the right apps can make your phone run smoother without having it lag or slowed down.



1 – Sleep Cycle


The Sleep Cycle app can do wonders for your sleeping and waking patters. This app, which is also an alarm clock, keeps track of your sleep patterns. It then uses them to wake you during light sleep stages. Waking up during light sleep is the best since it allows you to wake up easier and quicker as opposed to waking up from a deep sleep or dream state. Sleep cycle alarm clock can end up improving your productivity, punctuality and overall sleep.

2 – Waze

Waze Traffic & Navigation App

If you drive then Waze is for you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are constantly on the road or just for a short trip, Waze can help you. Unlike other apps which only have maps, this app knows how fast you are driving and ends up redirecting you around traffic. Waze will also let you know when there’s been an accident up ahead, red-light cameras, construction and even police.

3 – BillGuard

BillGuard App - Mr Phix

Think of the BillGuard app as a person who will go over your credit card statements with a fine-tooth comb without charging you for their services. The app will immediately alert you if there are any unwanted or questionable charges. Best of all, BillGuard makes it easy to go over your finances. Any charges for services or products you may not have known you were being charged for or requested, BillGuard will flag it and alert you.

4 – Uber

Uber App - Mr Phix

Even if you own a vehicle, sooner or later you will need a cab. The Uber app can make getting a ride very easy. Many people often do not see cabs when they need one. However, with the Uber app that is not a problem since they will come to you and pick you up. anywhere you choose. Best of all, in most cases you will end up getting a better deal than a regular taxi. Still, during high demand season or holidays, prices will surge significantly so you should be aware as they can go up as much as ten times the regular going rates.

5 – Pocket

The Pocket App for iPhone - Mr Phix

With so much to read on the Interenet these days, most of us never have enough time to do so. The Pocket App allows you to store the articles you might find interesting during the day and save them for reading later. Best of all, Pocket will save all of your articles. videos, events or other interesting news so you can access them without having to be online or even a cell signal.

6 – Dropbox

Dropbox App - Mr Phix

If you are on the go and you need to bring your files with you, then Dropbox is the app you need. You can add files to your favs which allows off-line and fast viewing of them later on. You can also easily upload videos and photos to Dropbox and then share them freely with family and friends. Dropbox also lets you easily move your files from your phone to your computer or other devices quickly and easily.

7 – Swiftkey

The Swiftkey Writing Application - Mr Phix

For those that are constantly texting or writing, the Swiftkey app is for you. The Swiftkey keyboard adapts to your unique tapping style as you use it, memorizes and learns how you type. By doing so, the app helps you make less typos and allows you to type and text much faster than a traditional keyboard.

8 – 1Password

1Password App for iPhone - Mr Phix

Let’s be honest, all of us have forgotten at least one password at one time or another. With the 1Password app, that can all change. These days where online security matters so much, the yourname123 passwords are no longer an option. This means that you need stronger passwords for all of your accounts. Still, creating stronger passwords means you are more likely to forget them. 1Password creates these stronger passwords and remembers them for you.

9 – Genius Scan

Must Have Apps - Genuis Scan

We all remember how bulky scanners used to be. However, with the Genius Scan app, that is no longer true since your phone can now be a scanner. This app allows you to scan documents and exports them back in either PDF of JPEG files. Keep in mind though that you cannot really scan everything unless you purchase the complete app for $7.00. Still, if you need to scan many files then the Genius Scan app is worth it.

10 – Spotify or Rdio

Spotify or Radio Must Have Apps

Here are 2 of the best apps for music lovers who want to take advantage of streaming services. Spotify or Rdio allow you to access your friends lists of music they are listening to so you can discover new music. You also have a radio option as well as smart stations. If you are going on a long trip then you can download a few gigs of music via WiFi and save them. This way you can listen to them later on without being charged by your phone company.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of the 10 must have iPhone apps. While you do not need to have all of them on your phone, every user should download at least one of them. This all varies of course depending on your needs. Remember, if you have any problems with your cell phone screens such as a cracked or damaged one, Mr Phix can replace it in 20 minutes or less. Our repair stores have the highest ratings from users of any other in the Wilmington, NC area because we do it right.

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Mrphix10 Must Have iPhone Apps

Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

by Mrphix on June 26, 2015 , Comments Off on Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

If you have an Apple iPhone then you know that there are millions of apps out there for your phone. This is why knowing which apps to add to your phone is very important. Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC found this article containing a list of the top 10 best apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus to help you sort out the best apps out there.

Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusChoosing great apps can make your phone work much better and help speed it up as well since some apps can slow down your phone by using too many system resources.

For those of you that love puzzles or mind games, then one of the best puzzle apps out there is Threes! There is a free version and a paid one for $1.99.

The Netflix app is a great app to have since Netflix is one of the best subscription services out there for streaming TV and movies on your iPhone.

1Password maker is an essential app for your phone since there are so many cases of hacking and cyber attacks lately. This iPhone app can greatly make your device more secure.

Are you looking for a date? Then Tinder is a wonderful app which allows users to connect with new people nearby with a simple swipe. You can swipe those you like or pass those who you do not.

You can read the entire list containing the top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus here

Remember that if your iPhone or Samsung phone has any problems, or your screen is shattered, damaged or needs to be replaced, Mr Phix can do it for you. We offer quality work at affordable prices. Mr Phix has 2 convenient locations in the Wilmington, NC area for those who have any problems with their cell phones.

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MrphixTop 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus