The rise of the “S8”

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Everyone has been all abuzz about Samsung’s latest smartphone, the S8 even though the latest Note 7 issue has many apprehensive to trust Samsung again. However, according to Forbes, this new cell phone is going to be to die for.

So far it appears that Samsung is doing away with the home button feature as Apple has done in similar nature with the iPhone 7. The only difference is that Apple actually has a home button but it does not “click” like your typical home button does. Samsung however, seems to be doing away with the whole idea all together.

Also, the top and bottom boarders are drastically thinner than that of typical Samsung smartphones. This allows for obviously, much more screen space than before, reported Business Insider.

With all this talk about the latest and greatest Samsung device, it’s no doubt that people are getting excited about what’s to come. However, these designs and features are all based on rumors and supposed leaks from a source. So, in short, this might be the tip of the iceberg. No one will truly know what Samsung has in store for us this year until February, when Samsung officially announces the new phone.

After the Note 7, Samsung really needs to hit a home run with this new smartphone. People, reasonably so, were quite upset when they had to return their brand new Note 7, or it caught on fire. Hopefully, this time around, Samsung will make a smartphone for the books instead of for the trash can.

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MrphixThe rise of the “S8”

Got Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

by Mrphix on October 23, 2015 , Comments Off on Got Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

Got Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

If you have a tablet, computer. laptop or mobile device with any problems or issues then you should bring it or you can even ship it to Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone or Samsung cell phone’s screen is smashed, trashed or shattered or if your computer has a virus, you need data recovery or other PC problems. Once one of the professional technicians in any of Mr Phix stores gets their hands on your device, they will be returned back to you in pristine, like new conditions. In the event that you cannot bring your devices to one of our stores, you can ship it and we will send it back to you the same day when possible.


When Screens Break!

You know how easy it is for your kids or someone to drop or hit your iPad or tablet. In an instant, your precious device’s screen is broken or cracked. To most people this may seem like the end of the tablet or device. However, Mr phix can do their magic and in many cases have your gadget repaired in less than 20 minutes. That’s not the best of all though. The best thing out of having your mobile or tablet repaired by us is that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all the work done. That’s right; a lifetime guaranteed. No other store can dare make such an offer. However, Mr Phix does.

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Why Lifetime Guarantee?

There are numerous reasons as to why we do so. One, Mr phix uses the highest quality parts in all of the repairs they perform. This means that rather than replace your cracked screen with a cheap screen replacement which will eventually get damaged again, Mr Phix uses the highest name brands replacement parts. These are the same replacement parts that Apple and Samsung use themselves.

Second, Mr phix and their team of expert techs know what it means to have your screen broken or cracked or have a device with a problem. They understand how important your gadgets are to you since they contain important banking information, files, videos and other valuable data. We will make sure that all that data is never compromised, lost or damaged during our repairs.

Your Device Matters To Mr Phix

Lastly, Mr phix wants to give each and every customer a piece of mind once they leave our stores. Even if it means taking a loss or not making that much profit if something ever goes wrong. Our customers satisfaction is paramount to us. Thus the reasons why Mr Phix offers such a great guarantee on all the work done. Perhaps you have trouble with your computer or laptop too due a virus or something else. Whatever the reason, we can repair them as well since we have more than fifteen years in the repair business.
So remember, if you got gadget issues, Mr Phix will fix it… and guarantee it for life!

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MrphixGot Gadget Issues? Mr Phix Can Fix it

10 Awesome Phone Accessories You Must Have

by Mrphix on October 16, 2015 , Comments Off on 10 Awesome Phone Accessories You Must Have

Mobile phones have taken over most of our lives these days since it seems many of us cannot go an hour, much less a day without using ours. These 10 awesome phone accessories you must have put together by our Mr Phix Tech team will make using your phone that much more fun, easier and cooler. If you should ever break or crack your phone or tablet screen, remember, Mr Phix can replace it for you in about 20 minutes with a lifetime guarantee on all work done.
USB Brando Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard - Mr Phix

USB Brando Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Made from high quality silicone material, the flexible Bluetooh mini keyboard is an awesome accessory to have for your iPhone or iPad. If you text or write a lot on your devices (who doesn’t?) then this mini keyboard will give your eyes, fingers and wrists relief. Both dust proof and water resistant, you can take this anywhere and best of all it is silent and easy to clean. The bendable mini keyboard will also work on your PC or laptop.

Mr Phix - Official Samsung Charging Desktop Dock
Samsung Charging Desktop Dock

For those that want a cool nighstand dock for their Samsung phone, then this charging desktop dock is a must have. This official Samsung accessory can be folded into a compact small box and plugs into a wall charger via a micro USB cable. If that wasn’t enough to make you want this cool accessory then it also comes with a speaker line out port in the back so you can use it as an entertainment stand as well.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit

For those that love taking photos and want an extra added Whoomph to their mobile device then the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Kit will give them that. With a 10x or 15x macro lens, the fish eye and wide lenses give your phone’s camera more power. Best of all, Olloclip has an app which lets you counter distortion or other issues quickly and easily.


Mr Phix - Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker


Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker

For those iPhone users looking for an MP3 player speaker system extension for their device, the
Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker entertainment system is an easy choice. Available in different colors, this digital speaker system’s awesome sound will liven up your room instantly. Armed with 60 watts of power, wireless remote control and 1-inch tweeters, the Altec Lansing packs a punch. It also charges your iPhone or iPod while docked.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive - Mr Phix
SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive

Many Samsung users were upset over the S6 not havng a MicroSD card slot like their predecessors which is what separated the S5 and S4 from the the iPhone. However, with the SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive, you can have an option for more storage. Able to plug in directly into your Samsung Galaxy S6’s micro USB port, this baby is great for file transfers and backing up your device.

Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones

Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones

Finally, here is a headset all iPhone and iPod users have been waiting for. The Image S4i Black In-Ear Headphones have an advanced 3-button mic and remote system for full control of your Apple devices. This headset is designed with an echo cancellation feature which allows users to hear conversations crystal clear.

iPhone Mobile Cinema i20 DLP Pico Projector

iPhone Mobile Cinema i20 DLP Pico Projector

For those that want to watch movies, TV shows or sports events on their iPhone but find the screen too small, then the Mobile Cinema i20 DLP Pico Projector is the solution. This baby packs a clear and crisp picture with wide-screen resolution of Q-1080P. It can also project images all the way up to 50 inches.
The i20 comes with a build in rechargeable battery which can also charge your iPhone battery as well. Best of all, the i20 also works with Apple iPads.

Mr Phix - Ventev Powerdash Car Charger and Battery

Ventev Powerdash Car Charger and Battery

Most of us have car charges of some sort. However, the Ventev Powerdash Car Charger and Battery is a pretty clever accessory to have for charging your Samsung devices. The Ventev comes with a wee 900mAH battery in it which means you can take it with you and use it outside of your vehicle. And since it also comes with a micro USA input, you can charge it via cable or regular charger as well.

 Invisible shield from Zagg - Mr Phix

Invisible shield from Zagg

One of most dreaded things that can happen to your mobile device is scratching or damaging its screen. Furthermore, it can really be expensive to repair. The Zagg invisible shield for your iPhone is something everyone should have on their device. The Zagg patented film which uses nano-memory technology will protect and shield your device from scratches and other damages.

Rokform Case and Bike Mount

For those bikers out there who want to take their Samsung device with them while having their hands free, then the Rokform Case and Bike Mount is for you. It fits any bicycle which uses 1-1/8 inch thread-less steer tubes and it is also very lightweight. Best of all, if you pair it with a Crystal v3 case, you can end up having a magnetic mount which you can then stick on your car dash or anywhere you may want to place your Samsung Galaxy device.
We hope you have enjoyed these 10 awesome phone accessories you must have. Remember that Mr Phix has several locations in the Wilmington, NC area and we are the highest rated repair shops as well.


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Mrphix10 Awesome Phone Accessories You Must Have

iPhone Screen Repair in Wilmington, NC – Mr Phix

by Mrphix on October 13, 2015 , Comments Off on iPhone Screen Repair in Wilmington, NC – Mr Phix

Mr Phix iPhone Screen Repair - Wilmington NC

If you are looking for iPhone screen repair in Wilmington, NC then Mr Phix is the place you want to go to. They also fix cracked or shattered Samsung, iPads and many other devices. There are many shops presently offering screen repair services in the Wilmington, NC area. However, the majority of these repair stores often end up causing more harm than solutions. Unlike Mr Phix, they use low quality replacement parts to make a bigger profit. Furthermore, these other places take hours and sometimes days to replace your screen. That is not the case when you come to visit any of one of our locations. In most cases, we will have your phone ready for you like new in 20 minutes. Best of all, Mr Phix gives you a lifetime guarantee on any screens they replace. No one in their right mind would ever, ever offer any guarantee on screens, let alone a lifetime one. Nevertheless, Mr Phix does simply because they want their customers to have peace of mind and to know we stand by our work. We know that if done correctly, your broken or shattered screen will be replaced and end up like new again. Plus, we want to keep every client happy and make sure they will come back again and again. We cut no corners when it comes to using the best available parts to restore the damaged ones. In the words of Ted Glackin, the founder of Mr Phix “We are in business for a profit … but we will take a loss to keep a customer satisfied”

Why Mr Phix in Wilmington, NC?

Of course there are hundreds of places offering similar services to customers with broken, cracked or damaged phone screens. So why Mr Phix in Wilmington, NC? For one, Mr Phix has the highest rated customer satisfaction record of any stores in the area. Customer upon customer ends up giving 5 star reviews for the work they received from us because we make sure their problems are solved to 100% satisfaction. Every expert technician in our repair shops will go out of his or her way to ensure that your device is just like it was before the problem occurred. Don’t make the mistakes others make when they go to other unreliable repair stores whose staff does not have the knowledge to really fix your phone or device. Sometimes they end up destroying your device for ever causing you to lose all your information and files. Worse of all, you end up with a broken screen and a completely useless phone.

So if you have a broken iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung or any other device with a damaged screen, then come visit us today. Come see why when it comes to iPhone screen repair in the Wilmington, NC area, Mr Phix is rated number one!

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MrphixiPhone Screen Repair in Wilmington, NC – Mr Phix

Why Mr Phix Drives the Competition Crazy

by Mrphix on September 29, 2015 , Comments Off on Why Mr Phix Drives the Competition Crazy


Reasons Why Mr Phix Drives the Competition CrazyMany are wondering why Mr Phix drives the competition crazy. The fact is that it is not easy being the highest rated electronics repair shop in the Wilmington, NC area. However, Mr Phix has managed to achieve this through hard work, dedication and an exemplary customer satisfaction record. Our team of electronic gadgets repair technician experts have more than 15 years of serving the Wilmington, NC community. Our ultimate goal has always been to make sure each client leaves our stores not only with their repair or problems solved, but also completely satisfied. Unlike other places, Mr Phix is willing to take a loss in some cases to ensure the job comes out perfect and their phones, tablets or computers are restored just like before the issues occurred.
These are some of the many reasons why Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts, drives the competition crazy on a daily basis. Our adversaries have gone through great lengths to disparage and discredit our high ratings. Some of them have even resorted to writing false, negative reviews on our Google + page. Nevertheless, our loyal customers continue to make Mr Phix one of the most trusted and highest rated iPhone, Samsung and tablet screen replacement stores ever.
There is no advertisement stronger than customer satisfaction and word of mouth. Customers, when satisfied with the services, products or help they received will always speak about it and tell their friends and family. Mr Phix has known this for years and understands the value of having each client be treated with respect and value, not just as a source of income.
Our competition cannot understand the fact that we give every customer a lifetime guarantee on every screen replaced or work done by our staff. This move is unprecedented in the electronics repair business and not many are willing to do so because it may mean losing money if anything ever happens. However, Mr Phix will gladly forgo a profit so that the customers will have peace of mind and tranquility about the repair done on their mobile, tablets devices or computers.
Our competition, in their quest to only make money, ends up using low quality replacement parts. This in turn results in causing more problems because the low quality parts eventually break or even work properly. They also use people to do repairs without experience or the real knowhow behind screen replacements. We take our time on all our work done to make sure it is done right the first time. Mr Phix understands that mobile phones, tablets and computers are not just electronic gadgets to people, but rather an extension of their lives in many cases. This is because so many of us have so much personal, precious and irreplaceable information on our devices. Even more so for people who use them for business or work. Nothing can ever replace a video or photo from a birthday or special occasions that you may have stored on your phone, tablet or computer. Losing those files can be very disheartening and frustrating which is why it is so imperative to have your device fixed by a reputable and knowledgeable technician.
These are some of the reasons why Mr Phix drives the competition crazy, because we know what your devices mean to you and we treat them like you would; with care and if they were our very own. Until competitors learn that, we will continue to drive them crazy and we will continue to be the highest rated repair stores in the Wilmington, NC areas. All thanks to you, our customers.

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MrphixWhy Mr Phix Drives the Competition Crazy

Why You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

by Mrphix on September 5, 2015 , Comments Off on Why You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

mr phix iphone repairs wilmington 2There are many people out there claiming to be able to replace your iPhone, Samsung or Tablet screens these days. However, before you allow one of these places to touch your device, check some of the reasons you should have your screen replaced by Mr Phix or a reputable place first. We all know that there is nothing worse than dropping your phone, tablet or device and having your screen become cracked or damaged in the process. Whether you sat on your phone, your kids threw it or dropped it, you let it drop in water or simply shattered the screen by mistake, doing so is one of the worst feelings in the world. This is largely due to our phones or devices being one of the gadgets we use more than anything these days. Also, some of us use our phones or Tablets for working, school or other reasons. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that having your phone screen replaced and brought back to the way it was before the incident is a very important decision.
It is not only about having someone who knows what they are doing with your device that is important. There is also the parts that will be used to replace the original. Let’s be honest, most businesses are in it to make a profit. This is why many places that fix broken or shattered screens end up compromising the quality of the parts they use to replace your original; for a bigger profit. However, here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, it is the other way around. In some instances we end up foregoing a profit just to make sure our customers are 1000% satisfied and that their devices are left as when they were before the problem.
We use only original and the highest quality replacement screens and parts. Also, our staff has years of experience.  Unlike some of our competition, we also guarantee our work on your device for as long as you own the device which is unprecedented in this or many other businesses.
That is why having your device replaced by Mr Phix, or reputable and reliable people is so important. Letting someone replace your screen with cheap or low quality parts can end up damaging your phone forever in some instances.
So the next time your iPhone or iPad, your Samsung or other devices needs screen replacement or work done, make sure you come visit Mr Phix at one of our stores in Wilmington, NC. We are rated number one for a reason; we deliver the highest quality work. We will make sure your phone or gadget is given back to you just like it was before the screen cracked or shattered or what whatever other issue you had. And we will guarantee our work to give you the peace of mind you need.

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MrphixWhy You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

Screen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

by Mrphix on July 28, 2015 , Comments Off on Screen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

Mr Phox- Screen Replacement Experts - Wilmington, NCAre you in the Wilmington, NC area and looking for a screen replacement for either your iPhone, Samsung, iPad or another mobile device? Then welcome to Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts with years of experience and one of the highest rated on the Internet. When it comes to screen replacement in Wilmington, NC, Mr Phix is the place to bring your electronic devices. Our expert staff has successfully replaced thousands of cracked, damaged, broken, shattered or destroyed screens. If your phone is damaged due to other issues then we can resolved that as well.

There may be others in Wilmington, NC offering similar services, however, only Mr Phix is willing to guaranteed their work and even take a loss to make sure you are completely satisfied. We are also the only ones that stand behind every screen replacement or repair with a guaranteed for life. This is because customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us. We also use the best parts available when making repairs to make sure your phone, iPad or electronic gadget will work just like they were before the problem.

Everyone in our team of screen replacement experts knows and understands what it means to break, crack or shatter your screen. We know exactly how you feel when it happens because we have all experienced a broken or damaged screen at one time or another and we treat your devices as if they were our very own. The people here at Mr Phix have been in the screen replacement business for many years now. We also have several locations in the Wilmington, NC areas to make it easier for you to find a convenient location near you.

Mr Phix offers discounts to our brave service men and women since we appreciate, respect and honor their sacrifices and services to our country. This discount applies to both active and retired members.
So if you are in the Wilmington, NC area and you are looking for expert screen replacement for your iPhone, Samsung or iPads then come check out Mr Phix to see why we are number one.

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MrphixScreen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC