The rise of the “S8”

by Mrphix on January 21, 2017 , Comments Off on The rise of the “S8”

Everyone has been all abuzz about Samsung’s latest smartphone, the S8 even though the latest Note 7 issue has many apprehensive to trust Samsung again. However, according to Forbes, this new cell phone is going to be to die for.

So far it appears that Samsung is doing away with the home button feature as Apple has done in similar nature with the iPhone 7. The only difference is that Apple actually has a home button but it does not “click” like your typical home button does. Samsung however, seems to be doing away with the whole idea all together.

Also, the top and bottom boarders are drastically thinner than that of typical Samsung smartphones. This allows for obviously, much more screen space than before, reported Business Insider.

With all this talk about the latest and greatest Samsung device, it’s no doubt that people are getting excited about what’s to come. However, these designs and features are all based on rumors and supposed leaks from a source. So, in short, this might be the tip of the iceberg. No one will truly know what Samsung has in store for us this year until February, when Samsung officially announces the new phone.

After the Note 7, Samsung really needs to hit a home run with this new smartphone. People, reasonably so, were quite upset when they had to return their brand new Note 7, or it caught on fire. Hopefully, this time around, Samsung will make a smartphone for the books instead of for the trash can.

MrphixThe rise of the “S8”

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