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We repair All Apple Devices

Screens, Batteries, Cameras

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All with a Lifetime Guarantee


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Some of Our Services

We Provide a Wide Range of Services Including iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Samsung Repair in the WIlmington Area

Mr Phix Expert iPhone Repair in Wilmington

Mr Phix is your one stop shop for all iPhone Repairs. We have been servicing the Wilmington area for five years. Our repair technicians are experts in fixing every component of an iPhone. Our repair shop is open seven days a week so you never have to go without your iPhone being repaired. We give our repairs a lifetime guarantee, so that you know the work is done right.

Mr Phix is the Highest rated iPad Repair facility in Wilmington

The iPad is a beautiful device with just the right form factor that fits perfectly in your hands. But all hands fumble from time to time and there might come a day when you have an iPad with a broken screen on your hands. At Mr. Phix, we understand that no screen is immune to falls and accidents, which is why we provide iPad screen replacement in Wilmington, NC at affordable prices. Here's a look at our services and why our customers choose us again and again.

Expert Samsung Repair Wilmington with Lifetime Guarantee

Mr Phix is the #1 service shop for all Samsung Repairs. We have been servicing the Wilmington area for five years. Our repair shop is open seven days a week so you never have to go without your Samsung being repaired. Our team of experts work on your Samsung device, assisted by state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated techniques. Throughout the procedure, we keep the safety of your phone and its features in mind. All of our screen replacement glass meets the high standards set by the manufacturer.

MacBook Repair Wilmington

Expert MacBook repairs here in WIlmington at an affordable price including: Screen and LCD repair and replacement, Touchpad repair and replacement, Battery replacement, Hard drive repair, recovery and replacement, Tune-ups, Virus removals, Performance upgrades, Logic board repairs

What we do best

  • iPhone Screen Repair and Replacement

    We provide expert onsite iPhone repair for all models including iphone 6 screen replacement. Our Screen replacement pricing is highly competitive, and our iPhone screen quality is the best iPhone screen replacement in WIlmington

  • iPad Screen Repair and Replacement

    We repair all iPads same day with complete refurbishment and the highest quality parts available. Our iPad screen replacement can be done in as little as one hour. Most importantly we guarantee our ipad screen replacement for Life. No iPad repair company in WIlmington provides a stronger repair solution. call us today for an iPad repair quote.

  • Samsung Screen Repairs

    Trust our staff with knowledge and skilled training to handle the smallest upgrade to a complete main board replacement. Our samsung screen replacement in WIlmington is the best quality in the country and at a rate that cannot be beaten. Our pricing is stable and our Samsung screen repair products the best in the Wilmington area.

Welcome to our company. We are a full service repair agency passionate about perfection.

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Our Team

Ted Glackin Owner Mr Phix

Ted Glackin Owner Mr Phix Owner / Operator

Man behind the curtain, Photoshop junkie. Father first. Chef in his kitchen. Chronic misspeller. Voice to text debacher. Lover of puzzles. Day stretcher. Racecar driver. I am not an actor but I play one on TV

Adam Stovall

Adam Stovall Technician

Gamer aficionado, grown in the Sooner state, loves any and all animals, Netflix addict, chronic learner

Connor Maloy

Connor Maloy Technician

Student extraordinaire, Naval invader, polite and to the point

Colleen Glackin

Colleen Glackin Human Resources Director, Social Media Guru

Brandon Futch

Brandon Futch Lead Tech

Parcore assassin, collector of pretty smells in jars, wanna be pro skater, spam spiting champion.

Colin Jameson

Colin Jameson Tech

Not seldom in this life, when, on the right side, fortune's favourites sail close by us, we, though all adroop before.

Our Work

Mr Phix, Ted Glackin the founder, and his expert staff have been repairing computers, tablets, phones, and devices for 15 years. We began in computer repair networking virus removal and consulting. Mr Phix transitioned to phone and tablet repairs with the release of the iPhone soon after the iPad. We provide expert on site repairs for all devices. Mr Phix is best known for our iPhone repair in Wilmington, with a Lifetime Guarantee, we offer many services: iPad repairs, Samsung Galaxy repairs, computer repairs and virus removals, small business consulting, networking and security, web design, we specialize in iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy repairs.

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MrphixMr Phix for Expert Lifetime Guaranteed iPhone Repairs in Wilmington