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iPhone 5s fingerprint reader is locked to each phone

Each Fingerprint reader is unique and matched or coded to only that phone

Apple pairs each individual Touch ID sensor cable to each individual iPhone it’s installed in.

Fingerprint reader

If you remove a Touch ID sensor from an iPhone 5s, and install it in another, identical iPhone 5s , that sensor will fail to work. The Mr Phix Team looked closer at the situation after a request from a client who wanted to swap screens from one iPhone 5s to another. This was due to damage on one of the phones. The client owned both phones and wanted to mix the two to create the best unit using parts from both phones. My tech swapped the screens and had issues with the fingerprint reader following the swap. After extensive testing and removal and re-seating of all of the components we decided to return the original reader to the phone it belonged to and it still didn’t work. We then performed a hard reset and the reader was then returned. 

Conclusion is that the fingerprint reader cannot be successfully replaced without losing function

Techs…DO NOT!!! damage the reader during disassemble process it will not resolve ONLY the original reader will function on each particular iPhone 5s phone.
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