Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and Hints

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and HintsIf you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 then you are very lucky as it is considered one of the best phones out there on the market right now. The staff here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, have put together some of the best  to help get the most out of your new mobile device.
The reality is that most people who own smartphones such as the iPhone or Samsung can sometimes spend a long time using them without taking advantage of some of the cool features these devices offer them. From shortcuts to extra feautures, we will help you become a Samsung S6 master.

– Get That Theme
You can change the look of your phone instantly by changing its theme. Simply tap and hold any empty space on your S6 home screen to bring up the options. You will also be able to change the grid and screen size. Although only 3 themes come with the phone by default, you can always find tons of them by following the link to the store at the right side of the top of the themes page. You can even create your very own themes as well with a new theme tool.

– Split Screen Enabling

One of the cool things the S6 offers is the abilty to view and use more than one app at the same time. By simply holding on to the multitaksing button at the bottom or the apps for a few seconds, you can enable split screen. The top half of the screen will display whatever you were originally on while the bottom half of the screen lets you choose the other. You can even resize the space of each screen.

– Navigation Streamline

Customizing your Samsung S6 to reflect what functions, shortcuts and features you want to have easy access to in your quick settings is one of the first things you should do with your phone. By pulling down the notification shade and tapping on Edit, you can get rid of the stuff you dont want and add what you need most. Tap done when you are satisfied with your new menu.

– Fingerprint Sensor

There is no easiest, quickest or more awesome way to secure and lock your S6 than by the fingerprint sensor. Simply go to Settings = Lock Screen and security = Screen lock type = Fingerprints. From here follow the instructions and secure your phone with your prints. It is best to use your thumb so you can easily unlock your phone with one hand. You can also add a password option.

– Please Do Not Disturb

Another great feauture is the do not disturb mode. In Settings = Do not disturb mode you can choose which calls to allow, no calls or only calls from a expecif person. You can even schedule the hours your phone will go in Do not disturb mode such as when you are at work.

– Keep Out

We all have some private photos or things on our phone we do not want nosy people looking at when they take hold of our phone. Simply go to Settings = Privacy and safety = Private mode and chose what people can see. Best of all, you can use your fingerprint to lock your private content.
– Samsung Gestures

You can control a few actions your Samsung S6 makes simply by using gestures. If you go to Settings = Motions and gestures you can find some really cool options such as:

  • Flip your S6 over and you can quickly silence it.
  • Use a palm swipe to capture a screen shot.
  • If you missed a call or message, Smart alert will send you a vibration alert whenever you pick up your phone.
  • Open a contact and simply lift your phone to your ear to call them with the Direct call gesture.

These are just a few of the many wonderful features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers its users. Check back with us as we are always updating and adding hints and tips guides for all of your mobile devices like the iPhone 5, 5S and 6 as well as iPads and Samsung devices.
Remember, in case you ever drop your phone or your screen shatters, breaks or cracks, we here at Mr Phix can replace it. Best of all we guarantee our work for the lifetime of your phone.

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MrphixSamsung Galaxy S6 Tips, Tricks and Hints

Why You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

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mr phix iphone repairs wilmington 2There are many people out there claiming to be able to replace your iPhone, Samsung or Tablet screens these days. However, before you allow one of these places to touch your device, check some of the reasons you should have your screen replaced by Mr Phix or a reputable place first. We all know that there is nothing worse than dropping your phone, tablet or device and having your screen become cracked or damaged in the process. Whether you sat on your phone, your kids threw it or dropped it, you let it drop in water or simply shattered the screen by mistake, doing so is one of the worst feelings in the world. This is largely due to our phones or devices being one of the gadgets we use more than anything these days. Also, some of us use our phones or Tablets for working, school or other reasons. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that having your phone screen replaced and brought back to the way it was before the incident is a very important decision.
It is not only about having someone who knows what they are doing with your device that is important. There is also the parts that will be used to replace the original. Let’s be honest, most businesses are in it to make a profit. This is why many places that fix broken or shattered screens end up compromising the quality of the parts they use to replace your original; for a bigger profit. However, here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, it is the other way around. In some instances we end up foregoing a profit just to make sure our customers are 1000% satisfied and that their devices are left as when they were before the problem.
We use only original and the highest quality replacement screens and parts. Also, our staff has years of experience.  Unlike some of our competition, we also guarantee our work on your device for as long as you own the device which is unprecedented in this or many other businesses.
That is why having your device replaced by Mr Phix, or reputable and reliable people is so important. Letting someone replace your screen with cheap or low quality parts can end up damaging your phone forever in some instances.
So the next time your iPhone or iPad, your Samsung or other devices needs screen replacement or work done, make sure you come visit Mr Phix at one of our stores in Wilmington, NC. We are rated number one for a reason; we deliver the highest quality work. We will make sure your phone or gadget is given back to you just like it was before the screen cracked or shattered or what whatever other issue you had. And we will guarantee our work to give you the peace of mind you need.

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MrphixWhy You Should Have Your Screen Replaced by Mr Phix

Apple iPhone 6S and 7 News, Rumors and Release dates

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Rumors, News and Release Dates for iPhone 7

The Internet and social media are already buzzing about when the Apple iPhone 6S and 7 will be released, what they will look like and what new features they will bring. Just like the rest of the world, all of us here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, eagerly look forward to any news regarding Apple iPhones. Our job is to make sure we always have the best available replacement parts, updates and fixes for all of our customers and their iPhone needs.
It is safe to say that no one can really know which direction Apple will take next when it comes to the iPhone 6S or 7. This is largely due to the significant changes Apple made in screen sizes when they released the iPhone 6. For now, if you have an iPhone 5, 5S, 6 or any other model phone such as the Samsung Galaxy 4, 5 or 6 which requires fixing, our experts at Mr. Phix can do the job for you. In case you have a cracked, shattered or broken screen then we will replace it for you and leave it brand new like it was before. Mr Phix also repairs any Apple iPads or other tablets which may have a broken, shattered or cracked screens as well. In fact, if your phone is acting up with any kinds of issues and you are in the Wilmington, NC area, just drop by and pay us a visit and one of our many experts will try to take care of you.
As far as the Apple 6S or 7, you can bet there will be countless of websites and videos on Youtube purporting to have the ‘Scoop’ or inside leak of what the phone will look like. However, Apple is always very guarded when it comes to leaks about their latest products. This is largely due to the phone market being a such a competitive business. Whenever the new Apple phones are released, you can bet the buzz will be just as huge as the release of the iPhone 6.

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MrphixApple iPhone 6S and 7 News, Rumors and Release dates

Screen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

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Mr Phox- Screen Replacement Experts - Wilmington, NCAre you in the Wilmington, NC area and looking for a screen replacement for either your iPhone, Samsung, iPad or another mobile device? Then welcome to Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts with years of experience and one of the highest rated on the Internet. When it comes to screen replacement in Wilmington, NC, Mr Phix is the place to bring your electronic devices. Our expert staff has successfully replaced thousands of cracked, damaged, broken, shattered or destroyed screens. If your phone is damaged due to other issues then we can resolved that as well.

There may be others in Wilmington, NC offering similar services, however, only Mr Phix is willing to guaranteed their work and even take a loss to make sure you are completely satisfied. We are also the only ones that stand behind every screen replacement or repair with a guaranteed for life. This is because customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us. We also use the best parts available when making repairs to make sure your phone, iPad or electronic gadget will work just like they were before the problem.

Everyone in our team of screen replacement experts knows and understands what it means to break, crack or shatter your screen. We know exactly how you feel when it happens because we have all experienced a broken or damaged screen at one time or another and we treat your devices as if they were our very own. The people here at Mr Phix have been in the screen replacement business for many years now. We also have several locations in the Wilmington, NC areas to make it easier for you to find a convenient location near you.

Mr Phix offers discounts to our brave service men and women since we appreciate, respect and honor their sacrifices and services to our country. This discount applies to both active and retired members.
So if you are in the Wilmington, NC area and you are looking for expert screen replacement for your iPhone, Samsung or iPads then come check out Mr Phix to see why we are number one.

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MrphixScreen Replacement Experts in Wilmington, NC

iphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions List

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iphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions ListThe Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus are finally here much to the chagrin of faithful iPhone users and general public. However, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, combined with the IOS 8 have also brought with them many problems causing users concern and frustration. From issues to not being able to hear during calls, Red & blue Screens, Home button not working and several others, they are enough to drive anyone using one of these phones mad. We here at Mr Phix, the replacement screen experts, understand your frustrations which is why we have put together this list detailing each problem and their solutions.

– Rapid Battery Drain = Although Apple has had issues in the past with other previous versions of the iPhone cel losing battery life too quickly, the iPhone 6 sometimes goes through some real sudden battery drops in battery life or drain. This can be due to the fact that this phone has a higher and larger resolution display as well faster processors and many other added battery draining features.

Fix = There could be an app causing the battery to drain really fast.
Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage – Here you can take a look
at exactly what apps are using most of your battery and draining it. You can either
disable the app or try un-installing it. Also, you should lower the brightness on your screen display.

– No SIM card error Glitch = Although this problem is not as rampant as others, there are still a few people who have reported their iPhone 6 suddenly complaining that there s “No SIM card installed” or “Invalid SIM”

Fix = Try restarting your phone by turning it on and off again.
You can also try toggling the Airplane mode by switching it on and off a few times to see if that resolves the issue.
Try making sure that your current software is up to date as well.
Remove current SIM card and try it on another device similar to yours or you can also try a different SIM card on your phone also.
There could be a chance that your SIM card is dirty or damaged. Remove the SIM card, use a pencil eraser to clean the gold contacts. You should then blow away or remove any debris left over before inserting the SIM card back to your phone.
If, after trying all of these steps the phone still does not recognizes your SIM card, then contact your local carrier or Apple.
– iOS 8 bugs = Even though all softwares experience bugs at the beginning, the iOS 8 bugs appear to be more frequent than other previous versions. From Safari crashing randomly, phone rebooting on its own and several other issues, the bugs in iOS 8 are enough to annoy and frustrate many users.

Fix = Other than waiting on Apple and apps to update in order to fix their bugs, there is really no solution users can perform on their own. As before, make sure your phone is always updated to the latest version.

Problem: Red Screen = Several iPhone 6 and 6 plus users have complained about their phone’s screens going red. While most times the Red screen problem appears to resolve itself, others have had issues where it refused to turn off at all.

Fix = You can try simultaneously holding down the Home & the Sleep/Wake buttons for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. However, while the phone may restart normally, some users complain about the problem coming back. If this is the case then if could be a software glitch issue such as a corrupted backup or file. The solution for this would be restoring your phone through iTunes.
It can also be a hardware failure on the phone itself whereas you should contact Apple and arrange to have your iPhone 6 or 6 plus replaced altogether.
– Issue: Cracked screen = Too many users are complaining that their iPhone 6 and 6 plus screens are easily damaged when dropped or hit. Nevertheless, very few users are able to have a phone without ever experiencing the dreaded cracked screen. Whether it may be by dropping your phone or some other way, this is one of the worst and most expensive problems that can happen to your phone. One of the best ways to protect your phone is by investing in a good protective cover or case. If, however, you have a broken screen, then Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts can change it for you. We have repaired hundreds of cracked screens. From Cell phones to iPads, we will gladly fix any issues relating to cracked screens or others you may have with your gadgets.

There are many other problems affecting iPhone 6 and 6 plus users including phone bending, No service or touch iD working to several others. You can read the entire list here of all other issues or problems you may experience with your iPhone 6 or 6 plus.

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Mrphixiphone 6 and 6 Plus Problems and Solutions List

Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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If you have an Apple iPhone then you know that there are millions of apps out there for your phone. This is why knowing which apps to add to your phone is very important. Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC found this article containing a list of the top 10 best apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus to help you sort out the best apps out there.

Top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusChoosing great apps can make your phone work much better and help speed it up as well since some apps can slow down your phone by using too many system resources.

For those of you that love puzzles or mind games, then one of the best puzzle apps out there is Threes! There is a free version and a paid one for $1.99.

The Netflix app is a great app to have since Netflix is one of the best subscription services out there for streaming TV and movies on your iPhone.

1Password maker is an essential app for your phone since there are so many cases of hacking and cyber attacks lately. This iPhone app can greatly make your device more secure.

Are you looking for a date? Then Tinder is a wonderful app which allows users to connect with new people nearby with a simple swipe. You can swipe those you like or pass those who you do not.

You can read the entire list containing the top 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus here

Remember that if your iPhone or Samsung phone has any problems, or your screen is shattered, damaged or needs to be replaced, Mr Phix can do it for you. We offer quality work at affordable prices. Mr Phix has 2 convenient locations in the Wilmington, NC area for those who have any problems with their cell phones.

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MrphixTop 10 apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

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iPhone 5 Screen Replacement - Mr Phix

Below is a video from Mr Phix, the screen replacement experts which shows you a step by step guide on what to do when attempting an Apple iPhone 5 screen replacement. For those in the Wilmington, NC area which may feel this may be too difficult or time consuming for them, simply come visit us and we will gladly repair your broken, damaged, shattered or malfunctioning iPhone or Samsung screen for you.

This video depicts how to replace a broken screen on an iPhone 5.

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MrphixiPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone Repair Isn’t Easy

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iPhone Repair Isn’t Easy

We are constantly learning how to improve our repair skills

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MrphixiPhone Repair Isn’t Easy

Mr Phix Thanks You

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We are in business for profit but, we are willing to take a loss for the opportunity to make a customer completely satisfied

Hey everyone.
For those of you who don’t know me my name is Ted Glackin and I am the owner of Mr Phix here in Wilmington, NC.
I want to honestly tell each and every one of you how grateful I am for the referrals that you have given me. As you know, referrals and all of You, my precious customers, are the lifeblood of my business. We are in business for profit but, I am willing to take a loss for the opportunity to make a customer completely satisfied. Aside from the fact that the number of people which one customer will refer to us is essential, there is also the great satisfaction we get from resolving any issues or problems our customers may have.
Our number one goal is to provide an exceptional experience to every customer who comes to us. We handle anything from a simple question to a difficult problem such as rebuilding an iPhone 6 which may have been thrown out of a window by a client’s daughter at 45 MPH.
I love what we do.  We have been in business for over 5 years now. However, I have been repairing computers and devices for most of my life. I have worked with my hands in every job I have ever done. I am self-taught and I am also a puzzle solver. Sometimes, fixing a device or solving a problem for a client becomes an obsession until it is resolved. If you call me, I will answer my phone. I began this business when I went back to college for an A+ certification. computer engineering and a technology degree. I needed a way to support my family so I began fixing laptops and computers in a spare bedroom in our house. From there on Mr Phix PC was born. I always liked the name Mr Fix. Unfortunately though, the Mr Fix name belonged to a plumber in Ohio so that wasn’t going to work. Nevertheless, we settled on Mr. Phix.
I started repairing iPhones and iPads when the 3G and iPad 1st Gen were popular.
Besides the phone repairs, I also design and build my own websites. After adding iPhone repair to the site I said to my wife let’s wait and see what happens.
My very first customer was a girl from UNCW who literally came to me crying since she had broken her iPhone 4 at a bar. Back then, the phone had just been released the night before. She was extremely upset as her iphone screen was completely smashed and a mess. First thing I did was order the screen online; even though at the time I had no clue on how to repair the phone. I worked in front of my monitor with a near worthless YouTube video on how to fix the phone with a pair of tiny screw drivers which came free along with the iPhone screen. Truth be told, I was literally sweating. Very carefully I laid everything across the desk systematically and the repair took over 3 hours. However, these days it only takes about 15 minutes. During this repair, my cat jumped across the desk and scattered the 23 screws across the surface. Nevertheless, I was successful with the repair and the girl hugged me and even forgot the repair had just cost her $250 to fix. She left laughing and smiling like I was a superhero. It was then that I told my wife ” I think I have found something that I really love doing”
I have personally repaired thousands of phones and iPads. I have broken every kind, I have messed up more times than I want to remember. However, with each mistake I have made, I have taken responsibility for all of them and learned a lesson from each one as well. Since that first repair I have offered a lifetime guarantee on every part and service I have done. I was the only shop to offer such a guarantee.
This goes above and beyond any guarantee my parts providers offer or any guarantee that Apple offers as well. I ended up taking the money from that repair and bought 2 more screens, one of each color & continued to repeat the process all over again and again. We now stock all iPhone, iPad and iPod as well Samsung screens models parts, component’s and protective iArmorglass.
One night. after realizing that the PC of Mr Fix pc had to go and the plumber wasn’t giving it up, I came up with the name Mr Phix.
We are now a full service computer and device repair facility. We are also well known for our work on Apple Samsung devices. We stock all iPhone iPad and Samsung screen models and components. Although you may not know it, we also repair computers as well as having a graphics design and website team for small businesses in our team. Lastly, we also handle small business network, security and consulting. Once again, I thank each and everyone of you, my customers whom without Mr. Phix would not have ever been possible.

Thank you!


Ted Glackin & the Mr, Phix Team.

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MrphixMr Phix Thanks You

Bigger is Better – Two New iPhones with Larger Sapphire Flat Displays

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Bigger is Better …Two New iPhones with Larger Sapphire Flat Displays


Sapphire Lenses are the future of iPhone screens since they are highly unlikely to get scratched and are also impact resistant. The latest news for the iPhone future is that Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone 5c in favor of an iPhone 5s made of lower-cost materials. Not only that but Apple will reportedly release two versions both with sapphire screens with new display sizes of 4.7 and 5.5-inch due to be released in September.
The leak from industry insiders who have “seen the prototypes,” has said that both phones will feature a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch (PPI) compared to the 326 PPI currently found on the displays of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.
In addition, the Hong Kong-based newspaper insider claims that the new devices will display a flat “bezel-free” screen and not a curved screen talked about in earlier reports. Experts confirm that Apple engineers have been experimenting with a range of screen sizes for the next-generation iPhone since early 2013, with sizes rumored to vary from 4.7 to 5.7 inches.

A Sapphire lens manufacturing company named GT Advanced, has partnered with Apple to open a plant in Arizona. GT Advanced has been preparing to mass produce sapphire displays designed for the iPhone 6. Speculation that Apple’s initial sapphire production would target the iWatch instead of the next-generation iPhone is misled since the amount of raw material and equipment the company is purchasing would match plans to manufacture approximately 200 million 5-inch sapphire displays to meet iPhone 6 Launch.

Be sure to check out Mr. Phix website for updates and news related to iPhones and Samsung products. After all, Mr. Phix and his team are the screen replacement experts in Wilmington, NC.

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MrphixBigger is Better – Two New iPhones with Larger Sapphire Flat Displays

How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Mrphix on February 16, 2014 , Comments Off on How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to Speed up and Save Space on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Mr. Phix, the screen replacement experts, have put together this very helpful article filled with tips and tricks on how to speed up and save space on your Samsung Galaxy phones. We have researched ways to enhance and speed up your Galaxy Phone without the controversial Rooting of your precious device. These are all options and a personal choice. However, they  have been proven effective as ways to make improve the speed and stability of your Samsung phone significantly.

1. Weed through the Widgets – Only Keep What You Use. Do you really need to have 100 widgets crowding your home screen slowing your Samsung Galaxy Phone down? A widget jammed home screen will not only slow down your Android phone, but it will also tax your battery life and performance. This does not mean you should remove all of your widgets. Just to keep the ones you actually use. Simply having an app does not justify creating a widget with it.










2.   Home Screen is to Save Time – Do you really need 8 home screens? Each home screen is using resources constantly. As a general rule you should have no more than three home screens. Most of the time you can really consolidate to one and get all the app you use on a regular basis to fit.Samsung Home Screen






3.   Remove Photos and Unused Apps to Free Space – How many photos do you really need on your phone? The best practice is to take pictures on your phone but store them on your computer or a cloud service. This is a good idea for several reasons.

  1. By cleaning up storage and freeing space. it will speed up your android.
  2. Many times I have had clients damage their phone and have thousands on photos that were on it be lost forever.
  3. Consider an SD storage card for an upgrade or as way to add more memory and an extra place to keep your photos, videos and other media files.

We all love apps. However, if space on your Samsung Galaxy phone is limited, consider removing photos and images you no longer need to free needed space.

4.   Disable Selective Animations – Many savvy users know how to enter advanced setting in Developer Options. screen shots below Settings → About Phone → and then Tap Build Number 7 times, you’ll get developer privileges on your device. Following the steps will show a new menu called Developer Options, proceed and notice the following three options;

  • Window Animation Scale
  • Transition Animation Scale
  • Animator Duration Scale.

These options control the multiple transitional animations your Android uses between the different actions you use. For example Multitasking, they are by default, unnecessarily set to 1.5x. Disabling this featurewill speed up your multitasking and have impact on the feel & speed. This will also give you the feeling of a phone running significantly faster. Try  experiment and see what works best for you. Follow the screen shots below to adjust the Animation scale settings

Open Settings by pressing the menu button and then press the More  tab on the top right









Scroll down and press the Build Number  until it says “you are now a developer

Developer Mode









Press the Back  button tap  Developer Options

Developer Options









Scroll and select  Window animation scale

Animations Scale









Chose or turn off animation or a lesser X … and repeat for other animation scales:  
Transition animation scale 
Animator duration scale

3 Animation Scales


5.   Turn Off the S Voice Shortcut

S Voice







Samsung’s S Voice is their answer to Apple’s Siri. It can do many things like when you can ask it questions such as “where is Mr Phix?”. It can navigate to an address, open apps, post updates to Facebook, dictate memos and many other tasks. However, we strongly suggest disabling the Home Key shortcut for this app, which launches S Voice when you press the button twice. The S Voice causes a noticeable lag when exiting apps to the home screen with this function on, as the S4 seems to be waiting just in case you press the Home button twice. The Function is delayed by following the steps below


Press the Home button twice to launch S Voice Icon

Press the  Settings button

S Voice Settings







from the left of the home button Press the Settings  gear the pops up

Un-check the Box “Open via Home Key”


6.   Don’t Miss a Photo –  Set a lock-screen shortcut for the Camera app so you can unlock it

directly to the camera with a swipe. Follow the screen shots below to do it.

Unlock to photo







Go to the Settings menu and press the

My Device tab at the top middle of the screen.


Chose Lock screen

shortcuts options







Press  Shortcuts  option in the Lock screen menu

Switch the  Set Shortcuts  option from Off to On the Camera app

will be one of the five by default and you can reorder any of the options






7.    Android Assistant –  This is a conservative  app without the bells and whistles. The well known  Quick Boost  button will be able to control and end processes and services to boost performance. It gives an in-depth view of running processes allowing you to temporarily disable, also it has a System Cleaner  which frees space by clearing the stored cache files from the web, apps and other locations

8.   Fast Reboot –  This app does one simple task which you may have already guessed. It restarts system resources and in turn will free Memory and speed your response and performance of your Android phone.










9.   Watchdog –  This Policing app helps you monitor usage with a real-time feature and alert you of excessive CPU usage and give the option to disable it then and there









 10. Disable the Unlock Effect –

Unlock effect








  • Go to Settings and select My Device at the top of the menu
  • Click  Lock screen option


Click Unlock effect and then select  None  from the bullet menu

unlock effect options


We hope you enjoyed this post on how to speed up your Samsung Galaxy phones. Here at Mr Phix, we encourage you to comment and list any other ways there may be to enhance the performance and speed of the Samsung Galaxy phones. 

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MrphixHow to Speed up Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass Replacement Wilmington

by Mrphix on February 14, 2014 , Comments Off on Samsung Galaxy S4 Glass Replacement Wilmington

Samsung Front glass repair

We Perform Glass Only Repairs Here in Wilmington on All Samsung Galaxy Phones


The Glass replacement process will save you money. Our Competition replaces your entire LCD screen assembly which in most cases is not necessary. With the cost of phones increasing and insurance deductibles and premiums high, glass replacement is a great solution. Rather than replacing your LCD we remove and recover your LCD screen using a very sophisticated system of tools and techniques. We then take your recovered LCD and install new original quality iQ certified touch screen glass bonded with LOCA Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive, we then cure your screen in a UV lamp activating the adhesive permanently bonding the glass to the LCD reproducing the same process performed in the factory. The result is a brand new assembly at a fraction of the cost. The process takes more time to perform, not all broken screens are eligible for a glass replacement we have listed a check list to determine if you would be a candidate for Glass Replacement on your Phone.

Samsung SG4 Broken Glass

Powered Off
Samsung SG4 Broken Glass









The most important think to look for is the LCD image is not damaged when you power on the phone, then test the touch function and make sure there is no problems with screen sensitivity. You can do this by dragging an icon across the screen to all the screen areas.


We will remove the glass using our digitally control heat surface and separate the glass using techniques and tools we have developed through the course of trial and testing. As you can see the cracked Samsung glass screen is successfully removed and to the left. the newly assembled Samsung Galaxy S4 is to the left.


Removed-Glass-Samsung-Galaxy-S4 and repaired LCD assembly










Next we will power on the new screen assembly and test all function of the LCD and touch sensitivity



As you can see the image is perfect. We will confirm the touch function by dragging an icon across the entire surface of the screen. If there was a bad area or loss of touch function the icon would snap back to its original location on the screen and we would not be able to continuously drag it completely across the entire screen surface. The Screen Repair was a success


Repaired-Glass-Samsung-Galaxy-S4 powered off

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MrphixSamsung Galaxy S4 Glass Replacement Wilmington


by Mrphix on February 12, 2014 , Comments Off on TurnKey

When we clean or restore your computer we install a bundle of software to make your computer run well now and for the future.
This tutorial will show you what we install and how to use it.

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iPhone 5 problem with screen sensitivity during calls

by Mrphix on January 20, 2014 , Comments Off on iPhone 5 problem with screen sensitivity during calls

iPhone 5 problem with screen sensitivity during calls


In this post we will go over iPhone 5 problem with screen sensitivity during calls as well as other issues.  I will show you how to remove the speaker, camera/proximity sensor and microphone for the iPhone 5.

I had a client that was having big problems with her screen activating features when making calls,  here are the problems she suffered from listed below:

  • Speaker phone turning on
  • Hang-ups during calls
  • Touchpad visible during calls
  • Dialing numbers during calls
  • Muting calls

The phone is an iPhone 5 running iOS 7 up to date as of Jan 15th.
First of all, the screen was recently replaced, however, everything wasin perfect working order.

After troubleshooting the device I inspected the screen for anything that would obstruct the proximity or light sensor.

I thoroughly cleaned the screen cloth with a lens cloth and neutral cleaner.

After fully testing the device I could find no cause for the super sensitive proximity sensor and related issues.

I removed the camera proximity and microphone assembly and replaced it by following the steps below

Removed pentalobe screws


I then open the screen assembly from the bottom using a thin pry tool and slide your thumbs around edge to unlock screen.

Slide it upward but be very careful not to allow pressure on the flex cables by opening too far. Next, remove the 3 screw securing the shield protecting the flex cables. The 2 lower screws are magnetic, however, the screw in the top right is not, therefore be careful not to lose it.


Next remove the flex cables with gentle upward pressure using a plastic spudger

You should then inspect the camera / proximity /microphone assembly and flex cable flat pry tool with a twisting not pulling upward motion.

 Now your screen can be safely removed.

Next, remove the shield securing the speaker down to the screen assembly with two screws.



Now you can safely remove speaker exposing the camera assembly


iPhone-5-camera-proximity-and-microphone-assemblyTo remove the camera assembly gently pry the flex cable from the bottom edge up to release the proximity sensor and then the tab that connects the power source to the camera in the top right corner paying special attention not to tear  … it is secured with adhesive to the frame of the screen. Now you can safely remove the assembly and microphone to inspect the sensor areas and looking for damage to the unit or the glass underneath it

iphone 5 camera and proximity sensor


Replace the component and fully assemble the phone to properly test

This resolved our super sensitive screen for the client

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MrphixiPhone 5 problem with screen sensitivity during calls

iPad Mini Screen Replacement Tear Down Only

by Mrphix on January 10, 2014 , Comments Off on iPad Mini Screen Replacement Tear Down Only

Check out this helpful video on the iPad Mini Screen Replacement Tear Down Only brought to you by Mr. Phix, the phone replacement screen experts in Wilmington, NC.

iPad touch screen repair Wilmington

iPad Mini Screen Replacement Tear Down Only


This video shows the removal and teardown of an iPad Mini Screen. It does not show the assembly of a new screen. 

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MrphixiPad Mini Screen Replacement Tear Down Only

iPhone “Air” 6 to be released as Early as May

by Mrphix on January 9, 2014 , Comments Off on iPhone “Air” 6 to be released as Early as May

The latest update on the iPhone 6 is leading to a release date as early as May. Reports say it will follow the October release pattern. The new Slim design is said to be only 6mm. thick. Compared to the iPhone 5S, which is 7.6mm thick and the 5C model which measures 9mm.


We have come a long way…The iPhone 3GS, sold in 2012, topped 12mm – double the thickness of  the proposed new “Air” model.

Not only will it get thinner but it is getting bigger as well. It has been confirmed that the screen  will be an enlarged 5 inches compared to the current 4 inch screen. This will bring them closer to their Samsung Rivals.
Stay tuned for the statuses on iPhones and any other cellular news brought to you by the phone replacement screen experts in Wilmington, NC, Mr. Phix.

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MrphixiPhone “Air” 6 to be released as Early as May

How to transfer your DRM purchased music to another computer or device

by Mrphix on January 1, 2014 , Comments Off on How to transfer your DRM purchased music to another computer or device

This software will allow you to move your DRM protected music from one device you own to another

 Noteburner 2

This DRM removal tool actually installs a virtual CD-RW writer on your system that you can then use to remove DRM copy protection. Noteburner 2 works in conjunction with your favorite media playing software to burn DRM-free audio files onto a virtual CD; the only proviso in using this method is that your media player software has to have the ability to burn files to CD. Once the virtual burning process is complete you can then transfer the DRM-free files to any media/MP3 player.

This is a very helpful way on how to transfer your DRM purchased music to another computer or device brought to you by Mr Phix, the phone replacement experts in Wilmington, NC.

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MrphixHow to transfer your DRM purchased music to another computer or device

Backlight Problems After Glass Replacement

by Mrphix on December 10, 2013 , Comments Off on Backlight Problems After Glass Replacement

Here is a very helpful guide to avoid backlight problems after the glass replacement of your iPhone.

When preparing to add LOCA onto a cleaned iPhone LCD make sure that you remove the working backlight and apply a non working backlight. This will ensure you do not have LOCA bleed through and ruin your working backlight. Remove the backlight using a soldering iron to remove the 3 prongs that attach the backlight to the LCD cable. Make sure you keep the electrical tape tab that covers the 3 connections and reapply it when you put the good backlight back on. If you leave the backlight connection exposed you have a high probability of shorting the connection on the metal frame of the iPhone which can cause strobing and potentially short the backlight fuse or coil which are both advanced logic board soldering.

bad backlight on iphone


Before you apply the clean backlight you Must blow the excess LOCA glue out from the edges of the  LCD screen and the flex cables  at the top of the LCD assembly. I use a compressor with a fine tip and blow the glue out from every angle.  Then place the cleaned screen under the UV lamp again to cure any residual glue on the back side as well. I highly recommend cleaning the surfaces with Pure Isopropyl  Alcohol or Pure Acetone. Be VERY gentle when cleaning or lifting or moving the LCD flex cables as they are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged leaving all of your separation process utterly worthless.

When re-soldering the connection on to the cable make sure that all connections line up with their solder otherwise you could also cause a short and strobing.

iPhone 5 Backlight









Make sure you keep the electrical tape tab that covers the 3 connections and reapply it when you put the good backlight back on. Otherwise you will short your backlight out and cause strobing. When re-soldering the connection on to the LCD cable make sure that all connections line up with their solder otherwise you could also cause a short and strobing.














iPhone 5 Backlight Connection





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MrphixBacklight Problems After Glass Replacement

iPhone 5 Looses Service After Screen Repair

by Mrphix on October 15, 2013 , Comments Off on iPhone 5 Looses Service After Screen Repair

iPhone-5-loses-service-after-screen-repairI recently replaced a screen on an iPhone 5 and upon completion I powered up the phone and all functions were working properly.

The phone, however,  was searching for service which is typical of a newly powered phone.  Several minutes past and the service had still not connected. I powered the phone off and on again which will usually fix the problem.. yet still … no go.

I did a hard reset

Holding the power and home button continuously until the phone shuts down and reboots

no resolution.

I then powered it down,  removed the SIM card and cleaned it thoroughly. I then re-installed, powered iPhone 5 back on.

Still no luck

I powered it off, then removed the battery and began examining the iPhone 5 for hardware problems which may have been caused during the screen replacement process.

Nevertheless, everything seemed in order.

I seated all cables and checked for tears or misalignment


iPhone 5 Shield linked to 3G reception

iPhone 5 Shield linked to 3G reception


iPhone 5 connectors for antenna to case

iPhone 5 connectors for antenna to case




I next paid close attention to the connectors and cables that are associated with 3G reception

there was no visible damage or misalignment

I reassembled and powered the iPhone 5 back up

then checked for SIM in the Settings>General>About

it was there and read the correct number

After calling AT&T support and speaking to the tech they said there is a phenomenon where SIM can be blacklisted from being removed and the iPhone detecting hardware change.


We were preparing for a OTA reset “over the air” reset … before we did that We re-set all settings and powered off device   and the SIM  alert “locked ” appeared I contacted the client and he gave me the password and moments after I entered it the service returned.

So ….Sometimes a Service can be locked or interrupted because of SIM removal and will require service provider assistance .

Happy Ending.

Thank You AT&T for your fantastic service and assistance

Mr Phix

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MrphixiPhone 5 Looses Service After Screen Repair