Nintendo makes a big “Switch”

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is attempting to make a huge turn around after having their stock drop about 5.75%. What is the key to bring Nintendo back to life?  A new game console called the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch, Nintendo’s latest and greatest game console is considered to be a hybrid console. According to Business Insider a “hybrid” console means that you can play in on a television or take it with you out and about, what ever suits your needs.

Nintendo fans, of course, are curious about what this new console has to offer. One feature that the Switch will bringing to the table. Here is basically, how the system works…

The Switch can be used as either a remote control and console or it can be used as a hand held tablet for gaming. The system costs about $299, before taxes, reported Business Insider, but also comes in two different bundles. One bundle features a blue and red Joy-Con, which is one of the main parts of the system. You may also purchase a bundle with traditional gray Joy-Con.

The system comes with a “Joy-Con Grip” and also a Nintendo Switch Dock. What makes this gaming system different is its ability to adapt to your needs. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con bits can detach themselves from the “Joy-Con Grip” and connect to the Switch tablet, for on the go game play.

Nintendo Switch

The “Joy-Con Grip” is used for more traditional game play but can also be transformed into a more mobile gaming system, providing the best of both worlds to those who love one or the other.

Another benefit to the Nintendo Switch? The parts inside each package or bundle can be purchased separately. For example, if you need another Joy-Con you can absolutely buy it, according to Business Insider. For further information on individual purchasing, check out Nintendo’s website, as they break it all down for their consumers.

Many are excited that Nintendo is returning to a more traditional gaming style, especially after the Wii and Wii U. The “Joy-Con Grip” is designed very similarly to that of other gaming systems with two analog sticks and the traditional four buttons on each side, Business Insider explained. The controller also features shoulder buttons and triggers, much like other “traditional” gaming consoles.

However, if you are not a fan of the Switch set up, you can purchase a controller much like that of other game consoles. The controller looks incredibly similar to Nintendo’s GameCube. The bad news is that this controller does not come with the system, it is sold separately for about $70 dollars.

Nintendo presented the device to the public a few days ago and made sure to demonstrate how the system can last up to 6 ½ hours when removed from the dock. For now, Nintendo is releasing only red and blue Joy-Cons outside of the typical gray color.

Ninteno Joy Con

However, one feature I think is going to really impress frequent gamers is the “share” feature that the Switch offers. This button allows the user to capture screenshots of game play and also record video that can be shared with others, which tend to be a pretty popular activity. You can share your photos and videos directly from the Switch to social media. Business Insider reported, that it is uncertain if the console can also stream games live like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Some of the games you can expect to see available for the Switch include a new Mario Kart game, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, FIFA soccer, “Super Mario Odyssey”, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Sonic Mania”, reported Forbes.

Make sure you stay tuned for this console that is set to be released on March 3th, 2017. So, far I have found that a lot of people are pretty excited about and hopefully, Nintendo won’t disappoint.

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