iPhone 5 Looses Service After Screen Repair

by Mrphix on October 15, 2013 , Comments Off on iPhone 5 Looses Service After Screen Repair

iPhone-5-loses-service-after-screen-repairI recently replaced a screen on an iPhone 5 and upon completion I powered up the phone and all functions were working properly.

The phone, however,  was searching for service which is typical of a newly powered phone.  Several minutes past and the service had still not connected. I powered the phone off and on again which will usually fix the problem.. yet still … no go.

I did a hard reset

Holding the power and home button continuously until the phone shuts down and reboots

no resolution.

I then powered it down,  removed the SIM card and cleaned it thoroughly. I then re-installed, powered iPhone 5 back on.

Still no luck

I powered it off, then removed the battery and began examining the iPhone 5 for hardware problems which may have been caused during the screen replacement process.

Nevertheless, everything seemed in order.

I seated all cables and checked for tears or misalignment


iPhone 5 Shield linked to 3G reception

iPhone 5 Shield linked to 3G reception


iPhone 5 connectors for antenna to case

iPhone 5 connectors for antenna to case




I next paid close attention to the connectors and cables that are associated with 3G reception

there was no visible damage or misalignment

I reassembled and powered the iPhone 5 back up

then checked for SIM in the Settings>General>About

it was there and read the correct number

After calling AT&T support and speaking to the tech they said there is a phenomenon where SIM can be blacklisted from being removed and the iPhone detecting hardware change.


We were preparing for a OTA reset “over the air” reset … before we did that We re-set all settings and powered off device   and the SIM  alert “locked ” appeared I contacted the client and he gave me the password and moments after I entered it the service returned.

So ….Sometimes a Service can be locked or interrupted because of SIM removal and will require service provider assistance .

Happy Ending.

Thank You AT&T for your fantastic service and assistance

Mr Phix

MrphixiPhone 5 Looses Service After Screen Repair

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