Screens Break – Mr Phix to The Rescue

by Mrphix on September 19, 2015 , Comments Off on Screens Break – Mr Phix to The Rescue

Mr Phix Comes to the Rescue of Your Broken or Shattered ScreensThere’s an old saying that two things are certain in life, Death and Taxes. The same can be said about glass and screens; they will one day break. Whether you have a mobile device or a tablet, sadly, the time will come when it will either shatter, break, crack or become damaged. Fortunetely, when screens break, Mr Phix comes to the rescue of your device. None of us ever want our phones or tablets to break or become damaged. Most of us have tons of family photos and videos on our phones. We also have work related files and our personal information. Mobile devices have become our mobile offices or like an extension of our computers. When something so important like this is damaged, you cannot gamble and take it to a store or someone who will end up damaging your device even further. Another important issue when it comes to screen replacement is the parts being used. Many places end up using low quality parts which end up breaking in mere months, sometimes sooner. Mr Phix never ever chooses profit over quality. We only use the best certified parts when replacing your broken, shattered or cracked screens.
It is well known that Mr Phix, is the replacement screen expert with the highest customer ratings in the entire Wilmington, NC area. This is because the staff at Mr Phix puts the customers first. Our team also has years of experience in the screen replacement business. We are also the only ones that give you a lifetime guaranteed on any work we do on your screen. No one else does that. No other store has more positive reviews than Mr Phix. Unlike some places, our reviews are legitimate, from real customers. You can check our reviews at our Google + page or our Facebook page as well. So the next time your screen breaks, have no fear and don’t fret. Just take it to one of Mr Phix stores and Mr Phix will come to the rescue of your device. With a lifetime guaranteed behind it!

MrphixScreens Break – Mr Phix to The Rescue

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